In Memoriam

In this tumultuous  2016, we have been introduced to many people, and traipsed through many lives. One life that we were exposed to, that I was very affected by was Capt. Humayun Khan of the United States Army. Capt. Khan was killed in Afghanistan more than a decade ago, and saved the lives of those he lead and surrounding civilians.

I watched the DNC Convention like most idealistic people–rapt attention. I wanted to be aware and present of all that could be happening, especially with a man running for the most powerful position in the free world. Moreover, a manI would not trust with a bag of marbles  whom was aiming for godhood. When I saw his parents, the pain in their faces, especially his mother’s, I wept inwardly. I wept for her. I could not imagine losing my child in a conflict brought about by ignorance. His father and mother stood in the power of belief and self that they were able to say to the man running for president, “Donald Trump,  have you even read the United States Constitution?” Then offered him his own copy.

I am part of a family that has been a part some sort of military for service. Seeing how stoic his mother was, broke my heart—as a mother. Then seeing this same political imposter, liken himself akin to their own suffering in the loss of her son, their son? Incorrigible. I would has if he had any decency, but that is clearly foregone.

Tonight, I saw a co-worker with a distinct bracelet. I, being a fan of jewelry, noticed it straight away. It was simple, gorgeous and I meant to ask her where she had gotten it. I managed to read the name on the bracelet. It was his name, with the initials KIA after it. I wanted to cry. I wanted to grab her and tell her I am sorry for how the nation treated her family, how they treated him. I wanted to tell her I am repentant on behalf of the nation that has blasphemed her family, and the blood Nero dressed as a presidential candidate traipsed through.

I wanted to cry.

In this time of urgency and transition, I pray I not lose that sensitivity towards my fellow man, or woman. I pray my heart remain soft, this way, I can still be available to provide a space in the world to improve. I want to still be the portion of humanity that still believes in humanity.

Change in the world begins one life at a time.







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