What It Takes

There is without a doubt that we are in for a rough four years. Without fight, quarrel, qualm or further evidence. This here will be rough.

There is something that gnaws though. After the show of solidarity from the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., do we not remember that it was 53% of white women that voted for Donald Trump? Do we not remember that the Christian Church here in North America, the church that is supposed to set standards, examples of love and tolerance, backed this man, and cheered once they knew he had won. Cheered.

In the course of less than a week, he has signed executive orders policing women’s rights, health care, refugees and banned immigration from 7 Muslim/Arabic nations, and put a media black out for the Parks department, Dept of Agriculture and EPA. He has demonstrated he sees everyone around him as expendable and unreal. His take on humanity is dystopian. But the greater portion of the nation believed that he would be God to them, only to be left lacking. Now, they are outraged. Now.

There is a hidden privilege to all this though. There are those that marched on Saturday, voted in November, and did both things not to be mutually exclusive, but parallel actions and decided to call it patriotism. Let me offer this as well. Albeit, both are inalienable rights, the ramifications of those actions are not universal. You whom voted for Trump, you went into the ballot box believing 3 things:

1.) The country needs to return to being run by a white man because it was founded by white men.

2.) To vote for a woman, no matter how competent, is evil because she is a Democrat. Unaware of the when the parties truly switched policy agendas and obligations.

3.) You believed everything he said, because you had nothing else to hold on to or be held on to. You trusted in him.

Now, remember a majority of people whom voted for Donald Trump where white, with the deciding demographic being white women. Within the first 60 hours of his presidency, he has proved be a mountebank. No more, no less a con man. He is more concerned with money than service. He does not give a damn about anyone or anything else.

There have been so many speculations about his mental state, his behaviors and how off-balance he is. He is off-balance, even a megalomaniac–but those that cheered for him, fought for him, covered for him ignored that. You decided the end goal was worth whatever you would have to give up…as long as the others whom opposed you would lose more. I again  ask all those that have family whom are not white male/female what  did you think would happen?

You do understand that it indeed was your privilege that allowed you to think that nothing bad would happen, especially nothing would  happen to you. There was no critical thinking beyond what you wanted. This is the impulsivity we warn children about and around. There was evidence of his incompetence that was ignored in favor of “making America great again.” Now, oh my, how that has turned to be such a lie–and you whom supported this man must take onus of that. You must admit that you have stake in this catastrophe.

You have to admit that what you see before you was not what you intended. You have to admit to if what you see before you is exactly what it is you wanted. You have to admit that what is going on is unacceptable. There are millions of people whom are seeing the same thing. The plan now is to fix it. In order to fix this, grab hold of it, is to admit your part in it! You have to be honest with yourself in the recesses of your conscience that are uncomfortable, that are dark, that are militant to reason and discern what it is you added to this chaos and what caused you to affirm it with your vote.This is paramount. That admission will call for strength you didn’t think to dredge up, feel out or reveal.  It must come forth before anything else can happen.

You no matter whatever social media activism you participate in, it will never match what else you do when no one is watching. The time has come to be seen and counted among those that have never seen you to count you. There is much work to do.

We have to stop the end of the world.



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