Why It Matters

I have considered myself someone that has tried to matter. I have tried to support, be a support and to add love when need be.  Just this past week, I was reminded that even though this life is mine, other people indeed see it. 

I was watching a live YouTube video by a pretty well known personality (JahairasMission) and have been a fan of hers for some time (read:  years). I would leave encouraging comments and real speak. I celebrated with her, cried with her and watched her just blossom in the midst of crazy. 

I logged on (it was a live chat) and I logged in like 10 minutes into the broadcast. I didn’t think she would notice me (she has like 2000 some-odd subscribers). She said about 2 minutes after, “Omigod y’all my sister just logged in! *TheLadyHarris!” And she proceeded to tell the entire viewing audience that she loved me and was thankful for me.

I legit had to listen to the video 3 times after that to make sure I wasn’t crazy. 

I was humbled. I was amazed and I really didn’t think I had done something great to be acknowledged  let alone called a sister by someone I didn’t know. 

Why that is important?

It matters not just why you live, but how you live. It matters if you sow love or dischord. It matters if you affirm or destroy. It matters that people see you struggle–and overcome. It matters if you let the light die in you or beam from you. It matters. 

Your life is, this life is, a complex set of experiences and parameters. These experiences and their results are akin to the stands of cobwebs…it touches everything else. In the inadvertent, it still touches. And those touches, touch someone else. 

Never think that whom you touch doesn’t realize it. Some of the WHY it is you’re here, is dependent on who touched you–some are more far reaching than others.

*-Yes, this is my YouTube handle. The channel is currently being developed. Thank you.

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