Legacy & Destiny


anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor:


1. something that is to happen or has happened to a particular person or thing; lot or fortune.
2.the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events.
3.the power or agency that determines the course of events.
I’ve thought about these words a lot over the course of the last 30 some days. I have thought about how interconnected life is and will be and should be.
I have thought about the great things that I desire to do, and even more so, that I will and want and wish for my children to attain and become. Then, is when I realized that these two concepts are never the same thing, and are often not parallel.
I have always thought of a destiny as this solo thing–this title or process that involves the discovery of self, independent of the input of other people. Like Arthur and the sword in the stone.
I have thought that legacy as this established patterned of honored destiny:  this is our/my inheritance. This is what I am supposed to do because the way has been made straight for me.
In the pressing of parenthood, I have become more knowledgeable about what it is I want, and have to overcome to equip my children to be the amazing people they want to me. I want to give. I realize also what has been given to me by my parents. There are things that I want, and want to do better and I have decided for myself whom I will become.
In becoming that woman, I have learned that my will has established my destiny. I have decided the things that I want, how I will get them and how my ambition has determined how fast I will get there. I have determined that I determine my life–no one else.
I desire to live my legacy. I want to be the catalyst for thought and change. I want to establish to myself, my children and those that I inspire, a path for better. I want them to see me struggle and have to cry and re-work the plan. I want them to know life isn’t perfect and neither am I.
I want them to see my joy in the little things, the small victories and baby steps. I want them to know they are allowed to enjoy the journey.
I want them to see me be persistent, ambitious and intellectually dexterous. I want to leave them with the knowledge that they can be and do anything.
I will leave them the knowledge of knowing this life is huge and deep and wide. I want to leave them with hope.
There are the material things of this life that will offer my line creature comfort…houses, money, property. But those things as the word of God say can be and are subject to rust and rot and moths.
What I desire to leave my beloveds is perpetual…and accessed through strength of word and memory. I know that their mother was not only alive…but lived.

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