Do It Like Their Dads

The romance surrounding the inception of this nation is nauseating and inspiring. 

There are some, including the current presidential administration, whom have latched on to that peri-post colonial gubernatorial ideal, and made it God, and gospel.

There are some people in this nation, white people/Caucasian people whom have no idea how to handle life going forward:  their world has been shattered.

 The things that were whispered about in tobacco fields, around water coolers, and in small kitchens—the myth has been busted. This thing called ‘whiteness’ has been reduced to a phantasm. 

The nation looked in its collective closet, and told the last one to get out when President Barack H. Obama was elected. Whiteness lost its power and with it, the right to be deemed special to be white. 

By no means, am I saying racism ENDED with  his election. What I saw then was the same fear I see now that fuels racism. 

What I saw was this unveiling of what racist, bigoted white people saw as their ‘right to be special.’ They were exposed as not to be special, select and diety as they had lied to others as being. 
The world had become a little more fair, and they couldn’t stand it. 

Moreover, the predominately non-POC, white male Congress had to ANSWER to a BLACK PRESIDENT. The myth of  this being a white man’s country was being busted and broken right before their eyes and they had to do something. Anything to regain that stance and stature. That behavior is no better than any other addict.

Racism has its roots in fear and power. How better to exercise both than politics and policy?

But the most sinister thing? The need to regain this power, this ability to wield death and confusion at hunches, same way their forefathers did? It would seem they lusted for the chance to call minority people the names they would get fired for at such prestigious positions now.

 They seem turned on by the fact that because Cinnamon Hitler Voldemort is now president, the legacy of President Obama can be obliterated and the non-desirables and other miscreants can be vanquished so whiteness can regain its rightful place.

And where is that exactly? 

This country was inhabited by native people when the colonists landed. It was those people that if they had not helped them, they would have died. There is no America without immigrants, especially people of color and other native peoples.

The fact of the matter is, I feel sorry for racist people and point at bigots. Why? This is energy spent frivolous. You hate people over something that they cannot control. 

And you expect that to happen and not meet resistance, but are shocked at the resistance? No.  #Snowflakes.

There will be vicious resistance. My humanity is not limited or balanced by you or popular opinion. It is not up for debate because you can’t cope because you’re not longer special and the world is fair. It is not up for debate because humanity isn’t a debate. Whiteness is a social construct, just like race–it, too, can be dismantled through time and effort.

The guard indeed is changing, and it seems like something out of the Twilight Zone. There is the guard that is adamant to continue to be the rock that suffocates and snuffs the life and change around it…but frustrated that life finds a way, pushing around the rock, and flourishing in spite of opposition. 

In that sustained, growth and resistance, there is change.

There are pictures  made postcards of monstrous activities at barbeques, and smiling faces pointing towards the strange fruit handing from swaying branches of quieter trees around these necktie parties.

These sheeted figures that grin with pointed hoods, looking salient and radiant as if what they are doing is righteous. How indignant their descendants are now that within the last decade, they have had  to call a black man, sir. 

That intoxicating fantasy is what they chase after, what they long to regain. Why they occupy certain seats of power in politics.  Even why a man Corretta Scott King warned us of 30-some years ago is now Attorney General. 

Again, racism is only concerned with power.

 Always power. 

It is when that power is taken, threatened, and stripped down to the stale, sorry corpse it is, there is this shrill backlash to cover it back up…and make it all go away.

Truth is, we know racism isn’t going away. 

Truth is, the opposition and exposure of it isn’t going away.

  In quoting  Roland Martin from TV ONE, in reference to one of his Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity brothers, I believe this could not be a more apt quote in how I view this situation:

“We will fight until Hell freezes over, and then we will fight on the ice.”




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