Where Kaep Is

As of this posting, #7 (formerly) of the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick is not signed to any NFL team.

He has not been charged with a crime, beat his wife up in an elevator,  not hurt anyone, ran over someone in a car, attempted rape or anyone or raped anyone, and has not been derelict in his performance or duties as an NFL player.

He even, statistically, plays better than the current starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers, Matthew Barkley.

So what did Kaep do?


He didn’t stand for the national anthem. Let’s make that more basic. He didn’t stand for an effing song.


A song that if pressed, half the nation either (1) doesn’t stand for or (2) know all words to or (3) is irritated that we stand at before or during sporting events. It’s amazing what this nation really values. And how it implements those values.

He knelt because conscious and history collided in his conscience and he had the visibility and power to do something. He spoke up and knelt down because of the unfair treatment of African-American people/POC in this country. He knelt because he couldn’t stand it anymore. He even had the AUDACITY to tell the American free press about it and wore these dope-ass PIG socks to practice.

Kaep started his kneeling protest last year. Of course, conservative pundits and alt-right roaches came out to hate on what he was doing (the most vocal being Alt-Right Barbie (I will not dignify her name here, but y’all know who the trollop is, hair is mayonnaise white.) whom supposedly  is dating a black man:  whom I am convinced is in The Sunken Place.).

There were and are the FOX News/ The Blaze tribe that only serves as ravenous wolves looking for red meat to be fed with concerning not acceptable minority behavior. Then there were these threats from owners. The lack of support from other black NFL players, but he kept kneeling. He opened these KNOW YOUR RIGHTS workshops, sent supplies to famished and starving African nations.

He. Kept. Doing. The. Work.

He kept kneeling. Kept calling evil what it was, and wore his afro and dared cats to say something. Of course the owners of the NFL (aka Candyland) couldn’t have this. So, suddenly Kaep’s contract isn’t renewed.

So why is Kaep unemployed, you ask?

Think really hard.

It’s the same reason Muhammad Ali went to jail for three years and stripped of his title for refusing to be drafted to go to Vietnam.

It’s the same reason why Jack Johnson was barred from helping train Joe Louis.

It’s the same reason why Paul Robeson was hated at his law firm.

The same reason Jack Roosevelt Robinson encountered all he did playing pro-baseball for a decade before we as a people could vote.

Why? Unforgiveable blackness.

The willingness to buck being a “good Negro” in favor of humanity and what is indeed right and owed. Colin hasn’t done anything that isn’t normal for someone in his position, according to these examples. There is a need for those in power to answer those in power. Colin is a threat because Colin is a threat.

He tips the apple cart.

He upsets the balance.

He doesn’t do what they want him to do and they want him to just ‘shut up and play football.’ The fact that he would be present and display rebellion in front of all the others willed and thrown to The Sunken Place?

That cannot be, will not be tolerated.

So, what is the cheapest, most destructive thing those in power can do? Take your voice. Without it, you cannot protest, war or be noticed. You, as a salient person, become a neutralized threat. And to be vocal, salient and BLACK?

Oh, honey, you are seen as a threat from pulpit, to social media, to the blogsphere, to courts and fields, schools and boardrooms.

The trick is, not to fear that or give into the pressure of the lie that it is easier to shut up and let folk kill you.

I, for one, am proud of him.

I, for one, am proud of Marshawn.

I, for one, wish the entire African-American roster of the NFL, both starting and second team, would sit down on this song, or refuse to play.

For, Marshawn Lynch (yes, BEASTMODE!) to take up this cause and for this cause Jeremy Roenick (of the Philadelphia Flyers-retired) said VIA TWITTER that Marshawn, “should have stayed in retirement.”

Mmph. He would never say that to his face though, would he?

Nall. A check in the board would not be what would happen to him to say that to his face. But you know, people only bad on the internet.

I have resigned myself to a football less year if Colin isn’t picked up. I have resigned myself to supporting him and other athelete-activists local and professional. I have resigned that if they gon get me, they gon have to take me by force, because all the scared n—- are dead.

And I ain’t about to start living on my knees, bruh.


2 thoughts on “Where Kaep Is

  1. As I wrote in my blog post relatively recently, I really think there’s a hatred of athletes who challenge our society’s status quo. Which is really a shame, because people like Muhammad Ali, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, etc. helped advance good and important causes precisely because they were athletes who challenged our society’s status quo.


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