The Burnout

If we faint not. If we faint not.

What happens when it’s so much easier and safer to faint?

With all the running and saving and doing for at times for the thankless and crazymaking, that is commonly referred to as ‘the work’, burnout is inevitable. It’s inevitable because the human condition is fragile.

Because we tire, we ache, we run out, we run dry, we get frustrated, we dislike people, we argue, and we get so tired of being strong. We get tired of being the resourceful, the civil ones, the damn adults in the room and in conversations on a constant basis.

We get tired. It gets tiring.

Indeed it is daunting to be an adult.

In caring for others, we often forget to do the same for ourselves. We forget to take time to enjoy the sun, the moon, the flowers, love and the stars. We forget what good there is, remains in, the world.

If we faint not.

Remember that even the strongest warriors must rest, they cry, they eat, the laugh and they continue to live. They must live, not to continue to fight, but to enable those that follow not to die in that fight, that fighting.


That word implies choice, it invites focus, and the implementation of wisdom. You must be able to see to it that you care for yourself,  for if you don’t you can be of no use to yourself, let alone anyone else.

“…reap, if we faint not.”

We. WE.

The work, the movement, service is never done in a vacuum. I cannot be done alone, it cannot be done thinking you can do it alone. The load is too great, and journey too long.

Reap. REAP.

There is a harvest, and return on all that you have invested. For every drop of sweat, every ache, every curse word, every time you wanted to walk away and never come back, every ounce of you donated, stolen and sown…there is an expectation you are owed something for your work and it is coming…it must come.

You have worked for it…it hasn’t been given to you.

Before you quit, remember what piece and peace are owed.

You won’t die, not here, not in this.

You’ll live because now you know how.


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