Nero watched Rome burn because he set it.

The Republican governor, a former US Marine, put structures in place for the verdict of Jason Stockley, the office of the St. Louis Murdering Police Department, whom killed Anthony Lamar Smith in 2011. Never mind it took 6 years to get to this point. Nevermind the scared white people populated St. Louis central government that put barricades up around the courthouse. Nevermind that the judge in this case said that for a an ‘urban heroin dealer’ to not have a gun ‘is an anomaly.’

They knew the verdict.

They feared the outcome.

Mayor Lyda proved how unready the city of St. Louis was–and her windows in her got busted out. 

I would say I was shocked at the verdict. But I wasn’t. But the thing that steadied me? The community. What steadied me was the response, current resisting, but more over–the planning for future endeavors.

It cannot stress the importance of non-silence when it comes to police brutality. I cannot stress the value to black dollar in white spaces. I cannot stress the value of voices in this struggle. There is not room for neutrality.


I cannot place the priceless value of life, especially BLACK LIVES. 

I will not apologize for the need for police reform.
I will not apologize for the support of my people, my community, or my protest family, or advocate for their safety and well-being.

For those of us that #RESIST, I take time now to recognize you. To thank you, pray with you, and open my heart arms to you.

Don’t stand for the micro aggressions.

Don’t not fall under the spell of the police narrative. The Narrative and the truth rarely correlate. Recognize that.

Dr. King said that everyone, anyone, can serve.


And sometimes resistance is service.


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