WordPress Blogger Recogniton Award

Thank you to the empowering Black Girl Magic that is Naa-Shorme Aidoo, the power behind Write To Live, for nominating me and this space for my first ever WordPress Blogger Recognition Award!

Thank you for your support and your example on how to keep going, and everything else will catch up.

I invite you all to follow her blog (http://thewritetolive.org) for all matters of life, unity, edification and encouragement.


My blog actually started on a whim. I’ve been writer since I was about 8, and it has only been within the last 4 years that I’ve really leaned in where my talent in concerned to see where it might lead. I was actually hesitant because I didn’t know if anyone would read it, but, with the support of my husband, I made my first blog post earlier this year.

Moreover, having been a lifelong St. Louis, MO resident and explicitly living in Ferguson, MO at the time Michael Brown, Jr. was murdered by an officer of the Ferguson Police Department, I was compelled to renew my efforts to blog and record what the social climate was in St. Louis and the surrounding counties.

The goal of The Ideal Firestarter is just that—to start a fire, to provoke conversation, and to give space for those that need their voices amplified.


My advice for newer bloggers is simple:  write and connect.

Don’t be discouraged or deterred by numbers.


Write your vision, write your heart. Those that connect, hear your voice, read your words will follow you. Don’t be afraid of stats and analytics. Don’t be afraid to switch to what works best for your or your blog. Your blog is your space, so conduct yourself as such.

Connect with other bloggers and blogging networks! Those networks are great places to bounce ideas, hear ideas, and to be encouraged. Some of my favorites are Black Bloggers United and Brown Girl Bloggers.

Also, I would suggest as you network, find a blogging mentor! Someone that you can trust with ideas and that can help you when you’re in a creative lurch and may need guidance or encouragement.


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