Why I Believe

I am a theist.
I believe in God, His sovereignty, and His Son, Jesus Christ—born of a virgin, through the line of Jesse, then father of David, crucified, ascended and coming again.

This is not a secret.

I take my Jesus everywhere, including my Facebook wall and Twitter feed. I don’t browbeat people with my faith, and I don’t try to cherry pick scripture to assault people with. I try my best to love people and remember that there are many ways people find God. My job is to show His love to all people—even if they can’t believe what I believe.

In all the chaos in the world, I would be remiss to say I haven’t had my own struggles with my faith. I would be liar to say believing has been easy. I am not immune to the suffering in the world, the injustice, the cruelty and violence—I have had my days where facing the world outside my door is on the short list of things to do.

However…I do.

One of the first scriptures I had ever learned was from the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 17, verse 21. In the King James Version it reads as follows:
Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Even now, that scripture settles me. It lets me know I’m not alone. This God I learned about in a small church in North St. Louis, MO was real, and He was with me no matter where I was.

In the face of an unbelievable world, there is a believable God.

I often tell people when asked about why I believe, that faith is a tangible, personal thing. God shows Himself to everyone—all the time.

From sunrises and a good night’s sleep, to laughter and in darkest times, there is someone that will come after you. I believe because I have seen Him heal my daughter whom had post-birth jaundice and almost died (because an insurance company wouldn’t let us keep the machine that was needed to treat her).

I actually had to call the company to have them pick it up! Even then, while having the invoice in my hand, and the machine in my house (and hearing the technician’s voice whom dropped it off!), Apria Healthcare had no record of them having this machine.

I saw faith sustain and rebuild my mother after the death of my father. I saw God heal my youngest daughter and sustain her life as I carried her in my body amidst my marriage dissolving and the toxic breakdown of it.
I believe in God because I don’t have the faith required to believe this is all an accident. There are too many things that have happened to me to make me believe there is not an orchestrated webbing to all things.

I’m human. I grapple and struggle with it sometimes, and I don’t always understand life and its evils or know how to make it better. But what I do know is, as I go through this life, my hope isn’t in what I see around me… it’s what I know inside of me.

I know that this relationship I have with God is amazing, and that’s because it is real and sustaining. He has been proven in my life that He is exactly what He has shown me. That is indescribable.

Faith does not make me above the reasonable intelligence or regular expectation of humanity, but it does make me believe that humanity is valuable, valiant and redeemable.

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