Growing up, one of my favorite things about the Bible was the stories about shepherds. I loved that God used these people that the world around them didn’t see or value. One of my favorite shepherds? Jesse’s boy, David.
However, my affinity towards the shepherds of the Bible doesn’t stop with David but blossoms from it. From the life of David, we see what God hides inside the lives of those same people ignored by the world they inhabit.

There could be no greater humility than to be called what other people call a fisher of men:  a shepherd. A person charged with the protection and leading of all those charged to their care. There is no greater humility, no greater honor, than the Creator calling you from the obscure to the open.

What has been lost to a vast portion of the population is the humanity that houses this divinity.

Modern day shepherds are pastors. Often, they are all seen as either superhuman and infallible or corrupt and money-seeking. Both are wrong.

I ask you to consider what it is to be called a shepherd. I want you to consider what goes into following what God has told them. I ask you to consider what they grapple with, wrestle with and walk away from to do what God has asked them to do. Consider the people whom leave, lie and don’t stay, and do all in their power to doubt what God has told you—determined to pull the draw of God from you or you away from God.
I ask you to consider what is required of such people whom have their lives flipped and uprooted. I ask you to think about what provokes the fall we see from public pulpits and how redemption comes…and how those they are charged to lead won’t go, can’t stay, and won’t come back to the fold.

I won’t even get into the people that will heed your advice and run for your prayers but won’t follow you in a leadership capacity as God would lead.

Now, I ask you, in all earnestness—can you do it?

Before you point and ridicule or judge because of what you believe your pastor should have done, I ask you remember they are not God. I ask you remember they are doing a job people die running from or die while trying to do!

Be patient.

Be prayerful.

Be faithful to what God has told you considering being under certain leadership and obedient to His voice.

Sometimes the people who need the most prayer, empathy, and understanding are also the ones giving it.

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