If I wasn’t alive to see it, I’d swear it was a lie.

An annexed American territory since 1898, the citizens given American citizenship in 1917, has citizens dying of cholera because there is not enough access to clean drinking water. The other disease caused by dirty water is dysentery. If there is no clean water, you can bet there is no sanitation. If there is no sanitation, rampant disease outbreaks follow.

It is 2017.

We have access to the iPhone 8 and X next month, but no nobody on and in a US Territory has access to correct temperature insulin. Like…I can’t!

This impostor, 45, went to the country and made matters that much worse. He lives for photo ops, extraneous bullshit, and random confusion. Throwing paper towels at people, looking like he could care less, and then threatening to pull supplies and manpower from a territory devastated by a natural disaster on your watch? Plus it’s now going into a MONTH after Hurricane Maria hit for this half-assed response?

You cannot tell me this isn’t motivated by money and race. The mayor of a US City is being broadcast on its nation’s same broadcasting services begging for help, and to be given TWEETS about how that nation needs to pay its debt and that “they can’t get help forever”?

If I wasn’t alive to see it, I’d swear it was all a lie. 

The current President of these dissociated Unites States is a racist, fueled by avarice and the worst kind of indifferent malice. He has become drunk on the hype that being white, ‘wealthy’ and affluent has afforded him. But the emperor is naked.

The emperor is naked. 

But the worst part? When he is told he is naked, you’re the liar. The GOP is standing by watching Nero burn Rome, but, because nothing is affecting them and the erasure of the previous president is a life goal, they don’t give a damn.

Even if people die while Rome is burning.

*People are mad that Lin-Manuel Miranda said 45 is going to Hell over what he’s done. The worst thing? The President doesn’t care. Please consider giving to the relief effort in Puerto Rico. Thank you.

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