Everyone Can Be A Servant

When my siblings and I were young, my mother told us,

“Don’t you stand there and watch me work! Find something to do.”

From these words came my restless and curious nature. From the words of my mother came my desire to indeed find something to do. In the doing, came my love of books, questions, reading and the world around me. I love my mother for this instruction.

When President Obama proclaimed that Dr. Martin Luther King Day should be a day of service, that regenerated the need and affirmation to indeed ‘find something to do’. It was around this time that I began in ministry. It is around this time, I began to learn (and notice) what it meant to be a servant.

Selflessness. The job or assignment at hand is what the focus should be. It’s bigger than feelings and more important than credit. The goal is completion. Many people get assigned to things, but what can be completed?

Faithfulness. Can you commit to what you start? When it’s hard (because it will be) can you still keep the goal in mind with the instruction given? The key to faithfulness is focus. What has your attention, and how does it help what you’re doing?

Love. Love is beyond how you feel, it’s what you do—and do on a consistent basis. What do you love, who do you love, and why do you love it? Love keeps no record of wrong, yes, but rejoices in the truth! In your service, in finding something to do,  can you tell the truth when lies are common?

Devotion.  Can you do that which you are able to? Can you indeed DO it? Devotion is enabled faith. Will you do it in the face of nay-sayers, the ever-present, doubting vox populi? The chatter will always be there—but what will you do about it?

In finding what your hands may do, remember you may not, will not be able to do it alone. Don’t think yourself so mighty you can’t stand a hand. God sends help when you need help.

In the meantime, don’t watch no body work.

                    Find you something to do.

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