In The Hour

The entire month of October I was dumbfounded. I legit wanted to just RAIL through my entire blog space and sphere because I could not believe what the hell was going on in the world around me.
*Then, I realized I should probably get a YouTube channel for that.

I saw portions of humanity just railroaded due to the desire to only speak what is right.  I had to sit with the fact that the right to own the sound in your own throat is a constant, daily, sentient fight. It’s a legit fight to speak for yourself, by yourself.

This month, these succeeding series of like 15 blogging days, I’m going to examine this thing called speech and why we fear it so.

I’m going to talk about why people fear ‘Auntie’ April D. Ryan.

I’m going to talk about why the stereotypical ‘loud, black girl’ needs to exist.

I’m going to talk about why silence is a dual weapon in this, The Resistance.

I’m going to talk about why ‘shut up’ and ‘be quiet’ aren’t the same thing.

I’m going to talk about why speech needs to be messy.

I’m going talk about why when you tell a black girl ‘she talks white’ is erroneous and tragic…and weapon.

Words are what I do, and the reason that this space exists. Consider this your invitation into the greater alphabet soup of this ride known as The Ideal Firestarter.

The time has come and now is…so, this month, definitely I have something to say.

*-There have been thoughts The Ideal Firestarter being a YouTube channel. I’m considering this, considering the speed of thought, and fire-born opine I operate with here lately. I’ll keep y’all posted, as always. In the meantime, mark your calendars, RUNITBACK Friday starts 11/10 at 10pm. Follow the Facebook page for more information. Be blessed.

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