In Self-Defense

(These were taken from my Facebook timeline on Tuesday 10/31/2017. They can all die mad.)

I’m not about to apologize to make people comfortable. I’m not about to sweeten the narrative to  make people in my city (read:  St. Louis) think it’s more palatable to support a lie.

I’m not about to shut up because people are tired.  No one is more tired than the women whose young sons occupy the graves of old men. No one is more tired than the women whom bear sons and watch and pray for them to return every day. 

Damn that.

Speech, resistance and  money are the only thing  oppression understands and notices. The facts remain thus:

The current permutation of law enforcement is corrupt and either untrained or oblivious to deescalation. It is not acceptable for law enforcement to be murderous when it comes to the lives of African-American people. The protesting is not for the comfort or maintenance of the status quo. No one cares if other scary, bothered white people are upset. Our blood and pain is not for sport or profit.  They can all die mad about it.

There will never be a good time to speak up. Justice comes at the cost of convenience and inconvenience of self. We, those who are alive and remain to record, fight, organize, heal and remain, won’t be good Negroes.
They kill them too.

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