Welcome to RUNITBACK FRIDAY! Here, all the things that were on my mind all week but I couldn’t speak about or blog about will be here for your tea sippage. Get a snack.


For my local Firestarters, Prop P. This was the proposition to pay for more officers in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. The thinking being, “More police, more safety.” Or, “More money will keep the good officers.


This measure passed–yet no police reform is taking place. The Mayor of St. Louis, Lyin Lyda Krewson, said in January ’17 if elected mayor she would fire the corrupt leader of the police union, Jeff Rooda. He’s still there. She shook his hand earlier this month. And Jason Stockley murdered Anthony Lamar Smith with a blue wall backing with brick by Rooda.


You cannot throw money at this issue. Police abolishing must happen or reform. The current state and permutation of law enforcement is terroristic in nature and cannot co-exist with the continued safety of the people they are paid to serve.


This phone is like $1000. It’s a Louis Vuitton bag. It’s half the price of the Givenchy Antigone bag. It’s a small child you can keep in your bag. And the letter I is malfunctioning? Nall, son. I can’t. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Y’all can have it.

#TheEmperorIsNaked I really want Mike Flynn to be the Sammy Gravano of this situation. I want him to tell Bob Mueller 45’s shoe size! I want him to realize he’s been set up. I want Ivanka’s pappy to do a perp walk. This madness is not sustainable. It isn’t. We know there is a man behind the curtain, and he has a half-trillion dollar motive not to give a damn about anyone on the West side of the Atlantic. Don’t be fooled! The revolution is yet happening, and resistance is on deck. And they caught his son too? Oh, yeah. Give it time. That’s all Sammy needed.

#RoyMoore The GOP doesn’t give a f— about women. Or families. This woman, these women whom have come forward are not believed because of who the man is. The Alabama state auditor likened this situation to Mary and Joseph. Yes, THAT MARY and THAT JOSEPH. This is how rape culture explains itself while men aren’t held accountable, and it roots in the social psyche. If you are a woman and a Republican…you are stupid. More stupid if you voted for 45 after he admitted he grabs pussy.

We’re a year into this insanity. In the words of Kendrick Lamar, though, “we gon’ be alright.” RESIST.

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