Aight. No intro. Let’s get it. Your girl got time for it today.


Water is life.

Land not for sale.

Respect the earth.

We tried to tell you.


I had to snatch the entire Golden Globes for how they thought it was okay to categorize GET OUT as a comedy, so read the bonus post I GOT TIME: ‘GET OUT’.



This is some nonsense. This man has been living his life and trying to be better (rap career notwithstanding) and got caught up. My heart hurts for him. All I have for this is the Tupac lyric, “They got a war on drugs so the police can bother me.”

The system will never protect the people it was never created to protect. Understand, this initial charge happened in his youth—and he’s still paying for it. This is one of the reasons why I am so in favor of mentorship and fatherhood. Our sons will never do better until they see better exists and is attainable.




If I hear something else about women being touched, Imma start slapping folk. The problem this nation is facing is not new. This problem of select men seeing women as property to self or communal property is not new. The women it is happening to is new.

From Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, the Orange Idiot and the dude that takes too long to stop looking at you, there is a legit deficit in character where you believe every woman you see you (in the words of my Daddy, who told me NO ONE should touch me ‘less I want them to!) just got to have!

There is no respect for women, especially women of color, in this country.


Fight me.

There is a lack of the respect of women I have seen that only my grandma would have been alive to see and relay.

In all this, the disturbing thing?

People knew.

People KNEW!

It’s easy to tell a fool because he always got his mouth open.

Roy Moore is a fool.

45 is a fool.

Harvey Weinstein is a fool.

And they are also predatory in their behavior. And like all predators, they had hunting grounds.

Harvey’s was entertainment arenas: production offices, bars filled with hungry starlets and movie sets wanting to be discovered. He levied power and influence to snatch them up.

Roy Moore had an entire community in Alabama to stalk and seek to the point it was common knowledge he liked young and younger girls, and he got put out of a mall for lecherous behavior.

The scariest monsters are in plain sight–not under beds. He hunted and stalked these girls and wrapped his prestige around him like Hades’s cloak of invisibility, knowing that no one would stop him or see him to stop him.

45 had boardrooms, back offices, jets and hotel rooms. He hides in money, power and influence. Ivanka believes her father doesn’t do monstrous things, but Roy Moore she accuses, backing Moore’s victims. But your pappy did the same thing?!

Women are not possessions. We are people. Why is that so hard to understand? Why is a woman only believed when she’s white or white and monied?

My body, our bodies belong to us!

Rape culture persists because there are men whom persist to rape, molest and catcall. But when the leader of the free world whom is not Angela Merkel admits he grabs pussy—what can the other Romans do when in Rome?

Teach your daughters that their bodies are precious and special. No one gets to touch them because they want to or just because they are pretty. And give them the right to protect themselves–without apology.

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