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I wrestled with staying quiet about this topic. I didn’t want to seem as if I being a part of a bandwagon, and I cannot ignore it–this young man is old enough to be my little brother. I have lost a brother to war already. See the post about my Little Brother Vincent written earlier this year in June.

Imma say it. What happened in Niger is suspect. It really is. This week more remains of Sgt. LaDavid Johnson were found in Niger. That without other explanation is horrifying. His widow, Myiesha, was denied the peace of an open casket to make sure it was him. I screamed when I heard this. It had to be an ancestral wail because I had no idea the level of pain that lived in me or could be in her to be told something like this! What could it be? His hand? A leg? What macabre, grotesque piece was found and then associated to a fallen soldier?

My heart breaks for her…and the gutter disrespect that follows in the hearts of people that wanna come for her (and answer the question lingering, I believe The PT Barnum Circus Money said exactly what she said he did say), because she called the Puppet POTUS a lie? Nall. She deserves all respect due her, as well as his mother. The pin I put there is a quote from A Time To Kill, “Now, imagine if that little girl was white…”








I’m beginning to wonder what my mother’s life, my life, would have been like if my grandmother had stayed in Mississippi. I think about it, in the light and perversion of what is happening in Alabama and I’m grateful my grandmother did not stay.

I touched on this last week, and feel I must again. There is this invincible ignorance that seems to stymie any progress when it comes to women, our bodies, or sexuality or reproductive rights or the right to tell a man, “No.”

My grandmother used to call it being fast–the type of girl or woman that invited male attention. When the opposite is true in most cases. The dirty secret is, women are taught to be chaste, not chased, demure and not desired, and your body is not to be sullied. And if we were defiled, it’s our fault and we should just pray and deal as best we can.

As these situations unfold, it makes me beyond sad. I think how hard it must have been to live with something that took a piece of you and having to act as if that is normal. Whether a woman is 4, 14 or 40 at the time they are violated, it is still a violation. Women are still people and worthy of respect.

I told this to a friend of mine yesterday: Power hates to concede to fault. This is one then reasons pride comes before a fall. There are men in this world, people in this world whom aim to hurt and exploit the vulnerable and naive. They live for it!

What will help this situation is three-fold:

1. BELIEVE THE VICTIM. In the time we live in, we know people lie. However, sexual assault is 2 things: a truth or a vicious lie. Either way, the situation must be analyzed and found truthful. Don’t dismiss a claim because of what you think is true.

2. EDUCATE. Teach young children that no one should touch them unless they say they can, and if they are touched in an inappropriate manner? Tell. Let them know what a good touch and a bad touch is.

3. RESTORATION. Don’t cast people away whom this has happened to. Love them, offer a safe place and it is never a bad idea to talk to someone. Sometimes in the dark, you pray forgot to be shone to you for a way out–don’t be a train of shame to run these survivors over in these moments.

I know that was heavy, maybe next week will be better. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday and know we all gon make it–one day at a time.

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