RUNITBACK FRIDAY (12/02/2017)-Part I

#Libya #SlaveTrade #Slaves #HumanTrafficking

Slavery is allowed under the 13th Amendment. Don’t believe me?

Watch the wording. And watch 13TH by Ava Duvernay. In this county, to be born black, post-1865, is to be born free. You have no owner. You have no plantation to be attached. You are person not property.

In Libya, with the death of Kaadafi, chaos has broken out–as chaos does with the death of a dictator or leadership change. In that vacuum, has reared this familiar dragon of slavery–telling people they are chattel. Selling people as if they are prized farm animals.

In seeing this happening to my ocean-spread kin is Alice passing through the looking glass. It is scary, horrific and entirely possible to happen here again. Seeing people I may never see in the same space, sobbing, scared and pleading gave living memory to what I have only read of happening.

My heart wept, is weeping for what is going on. I cannot look away, I will not look away. The world cannot look away. Too often concerning people of color we look away, this time, for once, don’t look away. Don’t be complicit. The time of living peacefully among warfare is over.

#PrinceHarry #MeghanMarkle #Wedding #RoyalWedding #May2018 #DuchessMeghan

I don’t wrap my life around what the British Royal family does. I have kept my ear to the ground regarding the history and lineage because it is fascinating. I remember Princess Diana, the birth of her sons, her death and the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton in 2011.

Now, Prince Harry has found someone whom makes him smile. He looks at her like she is all he wants. Marvelous.

And of course the trolling racist army unleashed vitriol about it.

Meghan is black.

She should be a mistress, not a wife.

How dare he marry a black girl?

This is…sigh. Meghan is an African-American woman whom is college educated at Northwestern. She is an actress an activist and not a bed wench. She is beautiful, smart and like most women of the modern age (me included) divorced.

One thing that pissed me off was this:

Yes, and I meant every word. All the faux outrage is rooted in stupidity and likes living there. The answer for this is Mrs. Bessie Wallis Simpson the married woman King Edward VIII fell in love with and abdicated the throne–this is Queen Elizabeth II’s uncle.

Then there’s the matter of Queen Sophia Charlotte. The Invisible Queendetails her extraordinary life, legacy and her marriage to King George III and how her portraits are lightened so she doesn’t look so much like a Moor.

This argument, this fear of spreading ‘infectious’ blackness is nothing new and is just as silly then as it is now. The backhanded compliments, the shade about her having a diamond ring, the nonsense about her being a mistress–they can all die mad.

The world hates to see black women in places of power, viability and influence. It was fine for a black woman to be in the White House, as long as she was quiet, cleaning and tending massa’s chill’un.

It was fine until all this talk of demanding equality, persondom, freedom wrapped up in autonomy became law. So, yes these shrews and toads are most upset about a black girl, a gal, a bed wench, a uppity nigra, on one of the most glamorous stages and desired by a Prince that is white?!

Ooh, chile…these folk are pressed to death, hear me?

Meghan Markle is a happy woman. She deserves to be happy. Black women do not own the cast lot of only knowing pain and suffering and loss. Our hearts are not born broken and our fates out of our control set adrift. We are deserving of all good things and work our asses off to get them.

She found her happy ending.

Now, y’all who don’t like it can go find some business.

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