Ready? Set? Go!

#LockHimUP #Impeach #45 #SammyTheBull #Flip #MichaelFlynn

They are going to get Gotti.

45 wants to pretend to be Gotti. I think we have a Sammy The Bull waiting on him. I cannot say I didn’t call this. No one involved in this madness is built to withstand prison. Not one of them. This is all fueled by money–all of it. And Tillerson’s neck is next. My dark soul is rejoicing.


This is just getting frightening. I pray for the US Armed forces. More about this on 12/4. I cannot imagine the morale of the solider populace being at the whim of a defector and liar. 45 must be stopped.

#MeTOO #Liars #WashingtonPost #ConservativeTerrorism

Did you hear about this madness in Alabama? Did you hear there was a woman that tried to scam The Washington Post, by saying she was a victim of Roy Moore when she was 15, had gotten pregnant, and had an abortion? She was part of a ‘conservative group’ who makes sport out of attempting to con the mainstream media. The Washington Post did their due diligence (as Rachel Maddow would put it), and found her out to be a lie.

I have nothing for this. Nothing.

There are women assaulted and harassed all over the nation, raped and accosted all over the world, and this group decided to play red herring to the most serious act of dehumanization in the world, developed or undeveloped. But then again…this is the nation sane people must inhabit. This is world we have to teach our daughters to navigate and  warn our sons not to be prey to toxic masculinity. Yet, on the planet of the state of Alabama–it is better to believe the lie than be offended by truth. Read last week’s take here.

There is something evil about lying about being raped. There is something wrong when the man that prosecuted the KKK in the Deep South and convicted them having to contend with a man that Matthew McConaughey’s  character from  Dazed & Confused is based on. There is something insidious about hiding this behavior and cosigning it behind God, believing He stands with you in it. I guess the new term for racist, or domestic terrorist or predator is conservative. 

The last time there was a conservative  movement in a nation, six million people died–and there were people whom said they knew God whom sang in the churches Sunday mornings as trains passed them going to Auschwitz.

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