Power & Prescence

You don’t know what you mean to the world. You don’t know you have the power to change all you touch, and touch all you change. Don’t be fooled by the world around you that wishes to lull you with lies as lullabies. Don’t believe the lie of the world that says, “It doesn’t matter and neither do you.”

Just because people command people or power doesn’t meant they are worthy of it. However, the mystery is everyone has power–it’s just the degree of access and wielding of it. Case in point: the P.T. Barnum circus  monkey  aka Cinnamon Hitler Voldemort known as the Puppet POTUS has one of the most powerful positions on planet Earth, and he has no idea what he is doing (The thing that keeps me up at night is at he has access to the Nuclear Triad and launch codes. And the United States military is composed of the very people he wants to excommunicate from the country.).

You are powerful.

You are worthy.

You are strong.

You matter.

In commanding this power, the first thing you must do is recognize yourself as a whole person, complete and worthy. What you think, what you believe, what you know is valuable and valid.

The second thing you need to know is you do have the power to change your life. You command the way you want your life to go, even if you make no decision, that’s a decision. There are people that can influence your life, but you are the chief influencer of your life.  You have the power  to suffer or soar. There is never situation that is hopeless, you are responsible for your success or failure. Do not be dismayed by what you see around you–be swayed by what is in you.

The last thing you need to know is you owe no one nothing. Nothing. You owe yourself the permission to live your life, and do it as you see fit. You must remember that when you incorporate the first two elements of self in your life, you activate destiny. Where you go, what you say, what you do matters more than ever. Your absence can show favor, and your absence can be stand or support.

The key to not getting lost is to always know where you are.

Know where you are.

3 thoughts on “Power & Prescence

  1. Hey girl, I really loved this piece…. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to come into “you” with so many influences around you… Thanks for encouraging us (the readers).🙂


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