Above All Else

More often than you may think, you relinquish your power to other people. What they think, they believe or their perception of you and all you are.  Too often we forget this heart-powered vessel is ours to steer, command and harbor. There is  a power and difference in knowing who you are and accepting who you are. The main influencer in your life is you, Shug. Never forget this.

There will always be forces in this life and of this world whom make it motive and mission to change whom you are and will become. The world knows if you were to become all you have determined to become, you will be indomitable.You will be a force, akin to water breaking rocks. There will be nothing that will hinder all you house.

You must remember the words of courage whispered to you by those whom see and nurture the divine in you. Those words, these words, become anchors in your being, forming your person until you become the personification of what Jeremiah chapter 1, verse, 5 says:

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