10 days till Christmas.

8 days till you gotta prep for this meal no one will help you wash dishes afterwards.

Let’s get it!

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I like Roland Martin. I enjoy his show! I love that he is knowledgeable, and does not take any. I love the fact TVOne made room for him and all his blackness. The troubling thing is near the end of the month TVOne is cancelling his show (I believe it’s December 21).!

This is troubling because we can’t afford to be silent or silenced by any force. The advantage of technology is it is a tool which gives everyone a platform, should they desire it. However, there is a power that comes with the audience gleaned as you hone your particular platform. With that audience, you garner and perpetuate influence.

TV ONE NEWS ONE NOW has a predominately black audience. It is a platform where national issues are discussed as well as issues that affect us as people of color. It has been reported that he will still have a voice on TVOne (as he is a commentator) but no longer will he have a show. I wish Roland the best and larger platforms! #BringTheFunk

#Eminem #NewAlbum #MarshallMathers

I heard today, literally minutes that bae has apologized to his ex-wife on his new album. I don’t know what to make of this. I remember the MARSHALL MATHERS LP (yes, I bought the CD and wore it out so that some of the tracks skipped!), and I believe it was track 15 that was titles Kim that was too much for me to listen to. The chorus goes, “So long/bitch you did me so wrong/I don’t want to go on/living in this world without you.


I mean if Jay-Z can grow up and apologize to the woman he calls a soulmate at damn near 50, I mean let Em do the same. 2017 seems to be the year to try and do better. Perhaps we need to give space to let people atone–perfection is a myth and err all too human. Before you snap off on Em, check your own porch.

#ThePutOut #Omarosa #TheWhiteHouse #ChilePlease #SunkenPlace #Georgina #GetOut

I know y’all have been waiting to hear my take on this mess. Chile, I AM STILL LAUGHING. Why you may ask is ALL of Black America laughing? It’s the ultimate I TOLD YOU SO. It’s the validation that she got exactly what she deserved–no more no less.

There is nothing wrong with being brilliant and ambitious and beautiful. And she is all those things. However…to what cost! She turned her back on the very people whom look like her. Omarosa thought her MBA stood for Make a Bitch Acceptable in certain company.


No ma’am.

Am I hating on her degree? No. Her education? Of course not. I am happy to see anyone strive and achieve. It’s enough light for everyone to have some! But I don’t have to get my light from taking yours, blocking yours or stealing it!The hard reality is she is still a black woman in a world that sees her as less than a white woman.

I said it.

Fight me.

Omarosa had to be reminded that she was a black woman in the most public and degrading way possible. It’s hilarious because she really thought she had transcended race…when Barack couldn’t. It’s hilarious because she forgot the first rule of engagement: know your enemy. Know what it is you are fighting.

In the Shakespeare play Coriolanus, there is a quote that says , The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Omarosa believed she didn’t need a people to help or warn her. She didn’t believe the secret knowledge of her foremothers in how to balance academia, excellence and blackness. She forgot that when she made it, would need to help someone else. Omarosa just got fronted as an ‘uppity negro’ and now she mad. We are laughing because we all saw it coming. We ALL saw it coming.

I don’t feel bad for her. I wish her the best and with everyone and everything else this year, “Do better.”

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