You Matter

I implore you to remember what you want and who you are.

In a world at present where the idea of being yourself in the face of the onslaught of not being good enough, is monumental. In a world where you are shown who you are versus who you should be is normal, there must be a point in which you become able to sift what you allow to effect you, or allow into your space. If you allow your life to be determined by the sole influence of other people, you will have a life solely dependent upon the whims and voices of other people.

The inner voice you develop is strengthened when it is challenged, not suffocated. You must develop respect for yourself which will allow you to give weight to your own thoughts or opinions. This comes with time, life and trail-error situations. In this life, more is caught than taught. You may glean and use the experience of other people just for the moment, to see if it works—however, with every situation, you determine how you react to it.

You matter, dearest one. You matter. Your voice, your presence, your mark upon, in, after the world is important. You will be tempted to give up portions of your self to louder conveniences, and even succumb for a while. It may even be comfortable. But eventually, what is within you will either die or awaken.

In allowing it to die, you have in effect declared yourself unimportant and property of other people to be discarded by other people. In allowing what is within you to speak, you have make the decision to have this life be your own. Win. Lose. Or Draw. Don’t fear that.

Don’t fear your past, the things that challenged or harmed you or didn’t turn out as planned. The beautiful thing about this life is it is ever dynamic, and from that, is the capacity to and for change. In that change, the resolute of you, the unchanged pieces, that core self, will always speak. Even if you have to say, “No. Not ever again.”

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