RUNITBACK Friday-12/29/17

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Tuesday, December 26 was the most lit CBS has ever been. Four out of the five Kennedy Center for Performance Art 2017 nominees were people of color. For this piece, let me just talk up my people:  LL Cool J, Lionel Richie and Carmen De Lavallade.

With me Poker hand of years before 40, I was a 8 year old girl again. I rejoiced as I saw Hip-Hop/Rap be seen as the art form that it is. I was happy that James Todd Smith was the first to get in–I turned my television up and rapped along with Busta Rhymes and and MC Lyte. I was happy to show my daughter that her mother was human and still excited about music and this life. No matter how old I get I will always sing Mama Said Knock You Out at ignant volumes…don’t debate me on this. Let me be great!

I teared up at Lionel Richie’s nomination and remembered it was my father who loved music, and had given me my first album, and it was Lionel Richie. I was overjoyed as I watched his tribute, and saw the joy come over his face–there is something that happens to you with recognition and time meet to grant honor. It’s almost as if he was able to sit and rest in the honor before him–from Tuskegee University to the Commodores to the coming into his own as an artist.

The unfulfilled ballerina in me shouted at the tribute to Carmen De Lavallade. She is the cousin of Janet Collins (Google her. It will bless you). I watched these gorgeous women from the Alvin Ailey dance company perform. I cried when Missy Copeland did her piece. I was so overwhelmed.

I know the theme for this month is influence, with that theme, you cannot survey the scope of your influence if you don’t know you where the path is or could be an ignorant of whose shoulders you stand. Influence becomes power once you understand what it is you want, your destiny is–and know your life is more far reaching that you could ever imagine.

#MichaelFlynn #TheDon #Flip #PancakeSeason #WeGonBeAlright #Russia #MadnessInPolitics #RussiaInvestigation

So, then diet John Gotti is shook? The lawyers for this Executive monstrosity are getting ready to attack Michael Flynn. I called this. All this situation needed was a Sammy The Bull and Flynn is it.

Why is this important?

We all know someone like this treacherous P.T. Barnum circus monkey. We all do. My mom would say, “the type whom thinks they can out slick slick.” The lesson we glean from this is to pay attention. I cannot stress that enough. Don’t be deceived by words–make people honor what the commit themselves to and realize forfeiture brings consequences other people may have to pay.

Don’t put yourself on the line for people whom will pay to have you replaced. Those people value what can be graded or drafted with a receipt; what can be bought, bartered or exchanged. They respect prices not people. This year was the year of the set up.

Don’t make 2018 the year of being caught out there. I’m warning y’all know…it’s coming. Don’t get sat out or let down by people you wouldn’t trust with a parking space or drop mail off for you whom have proven their worth.

Pay attention. If you see people for whom they are the first time, don’t second guess.

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