Things We Leave

One of the things that I never understood was why New Year’s Day was a holiday. I never thought about why it was there was day to in effect watch movie marathons or now Netflix and chill.

However, I am a firm believer in one of the best things God ever does for us, is to let us grow up. We learn what its like to do the things few people like to do:  rest and reflect.

I look forward to New Year’s Day, and even New Years Eve now. I look forward to watching the time slip into a new month and new year. I’m of and age now where I can reflect on the things which were good, what I didn’t come to pass, and most of all the things we leave. Especially, the things (or the people) we leave.

I’m fond of saying ‘not everyone can go with you.’ And this is true. As you become more determined towards who you want to become, not everyone can accept that or help or nurture you along your journey forward. This isn’t because people are bad, or people are callous or uncaring–this isn’t because everyone is bad or mean. Some people in your life aren’t equipped to handle you making decisions to live your life without their presence or input. So rather than celebrate you, they gradually ease from your life or say ‘you’ve changed.’

Some of the things we leave can only be classified as weights. It’s baggage! It’s things we determine we need but we don’t. We get stuck in these places where all we can do wrestle with residue, of what we wanted, needed or having had to live without. The things we leave sometimes require time to digest, or reflect on. Loss requires reflection. In that reflection there is honesty, transparency and time. It’s the time we don’t give to things causes us to repeat past mistakes, and never learn. If we can’t learn, we can’t impart–and if we can’t impart wisdom, we can’t help one another.

Ergo, nothing changes.

Leaving things, losing things, especially relationships are ever easy–especially when there is significant time involved–is hard. Sometimes those relationships are not repaired or sustainable, and lost as you press towards what it is you desire to do or push towards.

In this new year, especially in these first two weeks. Take inventory of what you lost, what you found, and what you have gained as the old year has passed. It is okay to mourn these things, even people-but don’t get stuck in the losses, in the ugly situations that are ending, in the people that couldn’t stay as you couldn’t stay with them.

Take heart, dear ones. Take time to examine what you want, and what will benefit you and not be afraid of what life holds for you. Sharpen your oyster knife and see what pearls are hidden in life’s waters as you let go of what doesn’t serve you, add to you, and who doesn’t love your or know how to embrace all you are.

Happy New Year!

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