Happy New Year!

Same fire. New year. Let’s get it!

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This came across my desk late yesterday, courtesy of my little cousin’s Facebook page. Supposedly, there is a faction whom believes BLACK PANTHER needs to be boycotted by black women or black women need to boycott BLACK PANTHER because one of the stars of the movie, Michael B. Jordan, is or may be dating a white girl.

In 2018, we are still entertaining Hotep conspiracy theories?

Not over here.



The Ideal Firestarter does not entertain or spread Hotep conspiracy theories.

BLACK PANTHER is going to be a successful MARVEL movie. The movie has an all-black cast . When I heard of this movie being made, indeed Wakunda being a real cinematic place, I was overjoyed. And the mother-sister part of me feared something like this would happen. In this pivotal artistic time, where we as a people reclaim our voice and artistic expression and vision–he ain’t got time for this.

Go get your ticket now. Support black artists. Pay no attention to loud folk not doing nothing…but will retweet.

#FreePress #Authors #ItsComingDown #MichaelWolff #FireAndFury #HotOffThePress #AvalancheOfBullsh!t #BookRelease #WritersMatter #YouCantStopThisPen #YouCantStopMyPen

The last 24-48 hours as a writer has been thrilling! Michael Wolff wrote a book so dope that 45 tried to sue him and the publisher! The buzz is so salacious the book got released damn near a week early! This is amazing!

Michael Wolff right now is goals!

I bought the hubs a copy because he sat up with a bowl of popcorn cackling at MSNBC Wednesday night. Yes. CACKLING.

(I’m waiting on Omarosa’s book personally.)

I won’t say this generational nightmare is over, but it definitely has an end in sight!

People love writers as long as the pen is empty and pencil not sharp! Sometimes writers make enemies because the pen speaks quicker than its master. Writers listen, observe and record diverse situations. I make few apologies for this.

45 is mad people can see him piss downwind and know it isn’t rain. He is falling the f— out and it is glorious! It is GLORIOUS! I highly recommend the book…

Get it.

Gift it.

Start a reading group.

Quote it.

Watch the Fireworks…and *horocruxes break.


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KellyAnne’s very presence

Melania’s non-emotion

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