If You Don’t Mind

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There is a power in being able to cherish yourself, in your entirety, and treasure your own company. There is a peace knowing that you, in all yourself, is enough.

That you are enough.

With the onslaught of every pill, cream, and retail outlet found in Amazon, there is not enough which can be said about the ability to love yourself–single or attached.  Knowing that all you are is enough, and in being enough, you need not change for anyone or anything.

In the process of loving yourself, knowing how to love yourself, you must realize that your life, is not perfect, but it matters. And you matter. Your voice, your breath, your being (flaws and all) matter. You have a value to this world, you add to it, and it is okay to tell you that you are okay.

Loving yourself allows space for growth, change and being open to new experiences to discover more about you. You become a garden. This place of promise and harvest. You control what grows, what flourishes, and what must be rooted up and out. Being able to say to yourself you are enough, and give yourself the love you desire from others, and giving yourself unconditional love–watch how your life changes.

Your life changes with radical self-love. That love allows the garden of self to spring open, to yield the hidden beauty of yourself. The things you love about yourself encourage you to discover and accept more about yourself.

Image result for self love quotes

Can you love yourself more than you love anyone else?

If you can, you are able to forgive yourself readily, appreciate what you bring in any situation, and become aware of whom you allow in your circle, diligent of protecting your entire self.

Be mindful, that as much as you do for others, you have to replenish. You must be able to put back what you pour out. It’s not selfish to look in your mirror and tell the person there that you love them, understand they are doing the best they can, and you will support them in all they aspire to do. Why? They need you, as much you need them.

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