I have my tickets, my outfit and my kids outfit. For the culture and we outchea.

There is so much this week, and I feel I must snatch wigs.

#Allies #Friendship #Messy #Petty #GaryOwen #ThisIsOld #HowMuchLonger #AreWeEembThereYet

I’m so tired of this Mo’Nique story. I really, truly am. All the women I am comprised of are tired. In that exhaustion, Gary Owen defended his friend whom Mo’Nique slandered even though his friend, Will Packard, put her in a movie. Problem is we can’t ask allies to be allies when we think it’s convenient. Gary Owen stood up for his friend. Point blank. My issue is still this: Even though Mo’Nique has a valid point, what is the plan after? You can be mad, you can prove your point–but after you’ve done all this foolishness, social media fighting, and showing all your business, what will you do? She ain’t come up with somethingsustainable yet. Leave Gary alone! He stood up for his friend–no more, no less.

#Queens #Power #Influence #Egypt #KnowYourHistory #QueenNefertiti #BlackHistoryMonth #NotHereSatan

Y’all saw the bust of Queen Nefertiti, whom was called more fair than Helen of Troy.

Queen Nefertiti is not white. Next.

#Q #Whoa #UncleQ #TeaSpill #UncleQuincy #UncQuincy #UncleQJust LettumHaveItFoYouGo

Quincy Jones is one of the most prolific music producer of all time. There is no doubt about this. There was a interview this week in Vulture where he did what most older people confident in the life they have lived do: speak without reservation. And culturally speaking? Quincy did what most African-American grandparents do: pull no punches, and leave it to you to decipher myth from legend from truth…

From Michael Jackson to Tevin Campbell, to Kennedy and the sex lives of Brando and Pryor, he told everything he was bad enough to say. There will be people to say, will say, “this ain’t how you do the final chapter”. I say, if it is your story, who can tell you how to end it?

My prayer is at my final chapter, may I be honest, aware and able to impart—and let people know exactly how I feel, and only consider what I know, not what people think.

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