Being woke is the trendsetting thing when cameras are watching, or there is a hashtag to be shared to increase a social media following. However the reason to be woke is two-fold:

1.) To be aware, actively engaged in the world around you.

2.) Acknowledging the world around you, if left in the state it is in, will devour you, all you hold dear,  and smile while doing it.

What is seen now is a rush to acknowledge, affirm and change everything that is perceived to be a hindrance towards marginalized people. In this rush towards change, and changing, I am reminded of a quote from a favorite movie with Keanu Reeves, Constantine:

“If you do this, you can’t go back. If you see them, they can see you.”

So it is with being woke. Once you decide the world outside your sphere, your family or car doors is not how it should be, you can never unsee these things. You will begin to examine slights, arguments or disputes where your ethnicity or race may have been a factor, with a vision unlike anything before. And because you now see it, you must something.

In being woke, you acknowledge you must do something about the world you are forced to engage in on a daily basis. In being woke, you admit that you can no longer feign ignorance or apathy about the things by which affect you or those around you. You see it.

As a shero in the St. Louis area said on one of her Facebook post in regards to being woke, and activism work, “There’s more than enough work to do.”

The question is, are you too busy being woke to do it or are woke enough to realize what is being done?

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