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An essential part of self-love is to examine whom you allow into your circle, and why they are allowed to stay there. The evaluation of your tribe, the people whom claim to support you is imperative. It can be intimidating to examine not only who is in your circle, but why they are still there.

One way to determine if people still need to be in your circle or if they should be excised, support and recognition. If you are doing well in an area where you thought you weren’t or were struggling, who is first to support you–or last to support you? What does support from your circle look like? Does it add to you? Does it take away?

Another way to determine whether people are in your life to help of exploit, is the matter of value. when I say value, that simply means whom appreciates you beyond what you can do for them. Whom sees the things you do, what you struggle with, what you excel at and not become jealous when you rise or joyous when you fall?

Can the people in your circle celebrate you by just you being present?

Is your presence enough?

Do the people in your circle see you as enough?


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This life brings us bountiful opportunities from a myriad of people. It does not make you less practical or mean to perform self-evaluation of your circle, and subsequently adjust it! You must adjust it in order to grow, and make room for greater things in your life.

Do not fear the need to move people from your life, and not be sorry about it. Sometimes, we hang on to people for comfort and habit–not function. People can become so comfortable they no longer suit you or presence be explained. When you assess still in your life without place or function, they may be resentful. Don’t let that deter you.

You have the right to know where you are, and who is there with you.

You are the captain of your ship, the star of your life, and you need to know whom you can share and build your life with!

Life indeed is cyclic, and sometimes the best thing you can do is go back to the beginning, or beginning of a new thing. And when you make it back to the beginning, you get the advantage of seeing who you can continue with–and who couldn’t or wouldn’t make it back. Pay attention. Those who don’t want to come will always show themselves.


Don’t be afraid to look them in the face and tell them to go.

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