I miss Wakanda. I wanna go back. The world is mad and Black Panther is needed. Y’all go get T’Challa!

#TheHungerGames #ParklandShooting #NRA #NeverRunAgain #GetToTheChopper #MoreGunsMoreProblems #Florida #TheseKidsPlayNoGames #Checkmate #NoOneNeedsAnAssaultRifle


I actually wasn’t going to weigh in on this. It was too painful. I am old enough to remember the first official school shooting at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. I graduated from Jennings Senior High School two months later.

From that day to this, almost 20 years later, I’m tired of the NRA defending having an assault rifle just because you can. I am proud of these students. Proud they keep pushing. Proud they keep pinning these so-and-sos to the wall and making the NRA Ditch Witch Dana cry in front the cameras because whiteness is fragile.

Can we fight for black lives like this too? I’m just saying (Thank you to Roxanne Gay for pointing this out. I love her so.). And when the Ditch Witch mentioned the shootings in Chicago? Gun control would help with that.

#TheQueensCourt #Ratchet ess #BuildOrBreak #CountUpTheCost #WhatchaWorkingWith #WorkOrStarve #WhoWorkinWithchu #FriendshipAintBusiness #BusinessAintFriendship

I have been watching this craziness from afar. I’m not a fan of ratchet internet shows, but I am watching this debacle play out in real time. The Queen’s Court is a show hosted by TS Madison and Khia (“The Thug Missess). Yes, My Neck My Back Khia.



So, they have been doing well for some time, developed a following and the hustle continues, I’m always proud of black women especially being entrepreneurs and creators of their own futures.  Amid technical difficulties while trying to interview Mo’Nique, Khia stormed out.

Pro-tip:  When you storm out? Take your bag, Sis.

I don’t know what to make of this, because it’s so ratchet. It’s raggedy,and my heart goes out to TS Madison. You have to watch who you build with and on any platform. TS Madison cried on a live feed, begging her co-host to come back and help her. Rather than push through, but because she had no investment, she could and did just leave her.

Be careful who you link up with to build, Firestarters. Some people come to work and build, others to just spy and kick out your bricks.

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