There is something to be said for knowing your own worth. There is something to be said about being wise about what you do, where you are, and what opportunities you take. In the pursuit of doing better, hustling towards goals, especially as a person of color, you have to be on the look out for opportunities that promise more than which will ever deliver, which exploit your talent, time and career desires or expertise. These are opporcoonities.

Opporcoonities will ask you two questions:

What do you want?

What will you give up to get it?

In considering what is an opportunity and what is an opporcoonity, you must weigh what it is you are being asked to do–and how much of you will be required to do it. Case in point, the Queen Coon herself, Omarosa.  For all her wit and ability, her passions are many but have become all but dust! In evaluating these new situations, there will be a group of people which you can beseech wisdom from whom have no other motive but to tell you the truth.

In this case, Omarosa said she had people telling her the decisions she was making were detrimental and exploitive. She wanted power and to be known–from that she gave up the benefit of wisdom.

Opporcoonities will always require more than you realize, because its dressed up in packages meant to distract. The position always comes with more money and less control, the record deal comes with censoring of artistic licensure and long hours for no money your talent garners and is owed.

It comes as it did for the ancestors…just one more thing and you will be free. One more year. Give me your body one more time. Just give up a little more of you, and it’ll be fine.

Money will make it better.

The prestige will make it better.

You must be willing to make your own opportunities, being able to see past the packaging of things which come only to break all you are. Opportunities come to allow you to grow, to shape and push you to where you must go–and you determine that trajectory. Opporcoonities put stipulations on your growth, snatch back when you mess up, are unforgiving and push you towards what the situation presents–there are always hidden strings.

Don’t be so thirsty for the next new thing that you forget what matters to you, what you want, what you desire and if those opportunities only come to steal, kill and destroy and you accept the terms full on?

Well, that means you can enjoy your caramel cake where Omarosa does…coons normally roll in packs, so I’m sure you’ll find her–along with the dry cake.

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