Happy Friday!

#BlackPanther #BreakABillion #ForUs #ForTheCulture #AllTheChocolate #GetAllTheMoney #STEAM #STEAM #Superheroes #BlackSuperheroes #ShuriIsThePrincessWeNeed #ItsBetterWhenItsBlack

At last report, in less than 3 weeks, BLACK PANTHER has brought in almost/over $700 billion dollars. Bruh. BRUH. As a writer, and a woman of color and a woman of color who is a writer, my heart is so happy. It is so so happy. There is something about representation of people that look like you just reassures you that maybe I can be great too!

I hope this movie inspires children of color. I hope this movie keeps its icon status (I pray that Chadwick Boseman doesn’t get caught up on shenanigans! I’m so serious.). I hope this movie reminds black children of their greatness—when world outside is determined to strip it from them.

There have been then live feeds on social media and critiques of the movie which are valid as far as representation and the Easter eggs laid, and that’s fine. I’m of the mindset of Clint Hill who I follow on Twitter: “It would be nice to have a black film be made without having to solve all societies ills.”

I said it.

The next great black movie, y’all can write.

#WomensHistoryMonth #BlackWomen #WeDoesThis #BlackGirlMagic #BlackGirlMagicIsNotFree #Conjurers #Power #DivinineFeminine #MakeHERStory

It almost seems right that March is Women’s History Month. It almost seems fair that there be 31 days to celebrate the remarkable history of women.

This year feels that much more special because of the aura surrounding black women right now. The POWER RISING 18 summit, through the mouth of the oracle Dr. Tracey Blackmon told the world, “Our magic is no longer free.”


Black women are amazing and when the world is rolling off the rails, we assemble like The Avengers, slaying like the Dora Milaje. We DO the things that make other women believe black women are goddesses! And we are so fly, we are remembering this again…we are remembering our worth, cultivating our ideas and power, and the best thing? We’re rebuilding and our daughters see it.

We are making history our of HERstory.

#NRA #NOREASONALLOWED #NeedReformASAP #WalkAndChewGum #LivesMatterEspeciallyBlackOnes #HumanizeBlackness #PUSH #ThisIsDeep #ThisIsEpic #GunLobbyWrappedInWhiteSupremacy

At some point, this nation will grow up. I don’t know when or if it will be in my lifetime. What this nation has shown since this latest school shooting in Florida happened last month is not even the white kids matter anymore.

They are just preferred.

I can respect the advocacy and push towards reform of gun laws, while side eyeing their supporters whom said all that happened Ferguson, MO were riots. I can wish for the dismantling of the stranglehold the NRA has on this nation, be a staunch advocate of prison reform, criminal justice reform and side eye crazy LEO tactics.

I want the world to change, and I’m putting my shoulders into it to make sure me, mine and all mine who have to come with me or behind me can see it’s actually see the world has changed–and not through broken rose-colored glasses the oppressing and the oppressors offer.

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