Black Girl Magic-Part I

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There is something about the air of the intersection of black and female.  We have the unique ability to make everything around us better, sweeter and lighter. In the era of Temperamental Tangerines, I am reminded of the women of this nation whom helped shape and enforce change in the face of tension, intolerance, and utter craziness.

How we are able to subdue, conquer and reinvent in the face of all that is offensive is nothing short of magical. I believe it was Audre Lorde who said, “Magic is older than writing, no one knows how it got started.” I believe it is the same with Black Girl Magic.  It is the latest version of this mystique, and indomitable nature of Black women.

There is this beat to us, this rhythm by which makes those on the outside looking in, jealous, envious or left out.


Indeed, we are magic. In the face of adversity, we rise up and withstand. We make do when there is no make. We make history on a daily basis–because we must. There is a element to this Black Girl Magic which allows us as black women to become our superheroes.   Indeed, we are magic. We are magic because of how we carry ourselves, reinvent ourselves, and never allow your circumstances to define us.

We make resilience.

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From art, to music, to science and fashion and beauty, we make our mark. We excel and make our presence known. We are indelible because we are incredible. Black Girl Magic is a secret weapon, rocket fuel and an anchor to soul. We wield it and harness it as earth hold the sun. We use it, reminded of its power and warmth and pushes what is inside out of us.

What the unfamiliar call magic, we call a normal day. Every black girl is magic.









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