No dramatic intro. No sugar, no sweet. No chaser. Wakanda forever and let your edges slay like your presence. Let’s get it.

#SabrinaClaudio #Colorism #SheTriedIt #TwitterAlwaysTellsIt #SheTripped #TakeHerWithYouWhenYouLeave #BlackWomenAreBeautiful #LatinaWomenAreBeautiful

So the whole innanet just found out that Sabrina Claudio had a whole secret Twitter account where she dogged black women and some dark-skinned Latina women. Really?! And she issued this tiredass apology! Nall fam! She only apologized because she got caught and her albums are streamed through Apple Music and Spotify! She apologized because this country majors amnesia after the apology is given! When I heard this story, I deleted her from my steaming account. I cannot listen to someone, pay my money for a service, and the broad is trash when it comes to women that look like me. Y’all can have that, fam! I can’t….

#TristianThompsonAThot #KhloeAFool #TellOnMe #ICantWithTheseImposterMen #LifeIsMoreThanPenisAntics #BabyDaddyIsNotAJobDescription

I’m convinced that cheating is a pandemic. It really, really is! This dude on a WHOLE CAMERA, with two WHOLE OTHER WOMEN, with a WHOLE PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND who is due any day now.

Bruh. You ain’t shit.

I remember how mad I was when I was trying to figure out why Khloe and Lamar broke up and divorced and look what he doin now. It’s sad. As a woman, I can’t even have significant compassion for her, and here is why. You expected more out of him than he presented! Even his father said he ain’t shit! Like?! I some point you have to hold yourself accountable when you get in crazy ass situations–you really do!

Hell yes he was wrong for doing this to her! I’m not making excuses for this! What I am saying is the same thing my father told my aunt when she was dating a nuthin-ass man, “Well, now you know what you got.”

And as far as Tristian? Dude, STOP MAKING BABIES WITH EVERY BROAD YOU THINK OS FINE! Just STOP. Don’t be that black dude, mane! Don’t do it. Being a rich man and young is fleeting—children are an investment. They require stuff. They need all of you and then some. Your manhood isn’t prove by how hard you get and how many chicks you can rack up or make holler. Do better, mane (the FUCK?!)!

Now y’all know I don’t do celebrity gossip, I’m here to make you think. This week, the moral of the story is: Trust, but verify. If you can master that, you gon stay winnin’.



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