*Sharon Reed is not here for the bullshit.

When I saw this topic, as well as Ms. Reed’s eloquent response to this fragile pigeon last year, I laughed. Loudly. Women like Kathy Rae are the equivalent to the Regular Rachel’s all black women encounter. Consider this post a pro-tip on how to identity these Three Billy Goats Gruff heffas, and how to neutralize them.

Women like Kathy Rae will swear up down and center that they are not racist. They may have donated to a jail fund, have a token gay friend, have a trendy activist shirt, and know at least three people of a minority status. She doesn’t consider her life homogenous and uber-white, she considers herself a contentious liberal.


However, what you cannot do to Miss Ann/Kathy Rae and her ilk is call her on their bullshit. What you cannot do, to break up her share in the world, and all her faith in the god of #45 and Fox News is to tell her about her skewed beliefs and tell her racism exists and is propped up by white supremacy and privilege. You cannot tell Kathy Rae/Regular Rachel that because she believes in the supreme power of her own whiteness–and don’t you dare tell her the Jesus Christ, the Messiah, is not the white man on her collective plates with light hair, light eyes and straight blonde hair.

Women like this move through the world and this society at large like the common cold. Everyone knows a Kathy Rae. EVERYONE. Don’t debate me on this, fam–I’m trying to help you.

Here is how you find out if your white friend/ally is a Regular Rachel/Kathy Rae.

1.) Kathy Rae watches FOX NEWS. At this point, Fox News is the equivalent of state propaganda found in pre-WWII Berlin or Russian State TV. You cannot reason with people who do not believe what their own eyes are telling them. Fox News only exists as a sexual harassment mill meant to prop up the aging, scared Republicans who fear change and people who are not white. That’s it.

That’s all.

They exist to be eye candy to men old enough to be the fathers of some of these women on shows like Fox & Friends! There are no facts presented save for maybe two ACTUAL journalists:  one of them is Shep Smith. Their job is to assuage the ego of white America–no more, no less. This way the ratio of white ignorance/political embezzlement  (ie GOP contributions) keep at the clip they are. Find the lie.

2.) Talk about these three topics:  systemic racism, black lives matter, economic disparity. Kathy Rae believes as long as black women and men Mammie and Buck respectively, nothing bad should ever happen. Anything contrary to what Tucker Carlson says must be a lie! She does not, will not examine her social status and the inherent privilege granted to her. She believes America is an equal playing field because, “None of my family have experienced this.” She does not do self-reflection, historical research or value the experiences of those whom are not white.

3.) You can see she has a ‘token’ friend and references them in conversation. In matters of race and its effects, Kathy Rae will resort to microaggressions. She will tell you of her gay friend, or her one black friend so she simply cannot be racist! When you confront the topics of race and class with her, she will call you one of the worse things she has been taught to call someone who is black, or brown. She wields that as her family crest and shield. Kathy Rae will not suffer to confront her own racism–she will always project to the other. In doing so, she believes she has won the day or and the conversation will end. It hasn’t. It won’t.

4.) She will not admit white privilege exists. In the world according to Kathy Rae/Regular Rachel, we are all equal unless you do better than a white woman she knows, and you happen not to be white. She will not admit privilege or what it does in the lives of people whom lack it, neither will she cop to the fact she uses it on a day to day basis. Don’t hold your breath for it, fam. She can’t be reasoned with because she is scared you may just be right. She fears the loss of status and control being white and in America has given her.

Guess what? Confront her on it anyway!

This type of nonsense continues because there are too many people willing to condone and benefit off its innocuous nature. Until you are willing to confront these dames where they are, they will continue to believe nothing is wrong and we are the ones with the issue! As long as Kathy Rae/Regular Rachel is someone else’s friend or family, it doesn’t affect them. But it does. You are an accomplice to bullshit. Congrats!

And if that doesn’t bother you, and you say you’re an ally, that’s a bigger problem.


*-This story was reported by The Washington Post on December 7, 2017. The CBS Atlanta affiliate anchorwoman, Sharon Reed (formerly from the CBS affiliate in St. Louis), answered this trollop’s comment about Ms. Reed talking about race and its far-reaching effects on air. Kathy Rae didn’t like that. Ms. Sharon Reed didn’t give a damn.


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