Remember the words of Bruce Lee: Be water.

Let’s get it.

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The Pulitzer Prize for music was given to none other than my brother oracle, Kendrick Lamar for his 2017 album, DAMN.  The reason why the committee over this prize said his album was so worthy was because of its creative, honest nature. It was best described like this by

Many classical fans and musicians celebrated. The committee had lowered the barriers keeping everyone other than well-established academics and the occasional jazz musician out and had invited someone else in, because, simply, she had written the best piece in the applicant pool. (It has since become one of modern music’s most beloved classics, often topping lists of the best modern classical pieces of the 21st century.) There were some sour grapes too, but the acrimony pales in comparison to what we’ve seen this week after Kendrick Lamar’s Damn earned this year’s coveted prize, the first hip-hop album to so do. Yes, many, including the finalists who lost to Lamar, are cheering the award, hailing it as the tumbling down of another oppressive wall of musical segregation. But others are decrying it as the end of classical music—and, sure, civilization—as we know it.         

When I heard this, my ancestral self screamed and rejoiced! I was excited, I was beyond happy. I repeated the lyric from the title track from BLACK PANTHER:

“Black Panther. King Kendrick. All hail the King.” #IAmTChalla.

Of course colonizers cannot wrap their minds around what it is their whiteness cannot contain. There was such a backlash that came out after this announcement I had to laugh. That’s all I could do! The script is so rehearsed, it is memorized by those that know how to identify it. These are the same people that will repeat HUMBLE off the same album, but big mad when they find out the once pristine award could be given to someone whom they considered artistically less than.  I am glad he won it! I am glad that we as a people whom still are breaking in, bustin out and into these prestigious white spaces. We as a people are lit! And the world will have to deal with us–and sometimes we have to do as my father said, “If they don’t let you in the front door, go around the back. If the back door is locked, buss a window and jump in.”

#Starbucks #MoreThanCoffee #Philadelphia #WhatBrotherlyLove #BeingBlackInFrontOfWhitePeople #ThePoliceAreMad #ThisIsNOTWhatYouWant #2Minutes #SpacesAreOkaySaveForUs #WeDeserveMore #TheFightKeepsGoing #WeDoMoreBecauseWeNeedMore #BoycottingIsntTheIssue #ImplicitBias #RacialBias #ModernDaySitIns #CanIJustLive

There is more to this story than young black men trying to make these money moves. The manager at this Philly area Starbucks, now identified at Holly Hylton, called the police within two minutes of the young men sitting down, and they informed the counter baristas they were waiting for someone–they would order when he got there. In those two minutes, their lives exploded! There friend showed up as they were getting arrested, and they were charged with trespassing, and the raggedy black police chief sided with the officers supporting these bogus arrests, and there was a customer in the Starbucks that recorded the entire incident. The manager has now been fired.

I have been rolling this situation over all week. I have been breaking it down in personal conversation for the better part of a week. I have seen the boycott of Starbucks, the CEO coming out and trying to make this right, and even the shutting down all  stores for racial bias-bias training on May 29. It’s deeper than coffee. It’s deeper than boycott. The police were called because there are some white people, in positions of authority or otherwise, whom use the police to move black folk out of spaces where they feel outnumbered, or intimidated. The police act as the mean big brother whom will get with anyone their younger siblings tell them to get.

No more. No less.

And now it comes to light that this broad has issues with people of color and other minority identifying people. There are customers now are asking if the shut down is real and they don’t see the point of doing so. I wish I could be surprised. But these are the relatives of Kathy Rae and Regular Rachel.

#WaterIsARight #FlintMI #ItsBeenFourYears #LockUpTheGovernor #CleanWater #YouCantDrinkMoney #YouCantEatMoney #LeadIsNotCandy #LifeIsGreaterThanMoney #EPAWhereYouAt #WeCanBombSyriaButAMomCan’tMakeKoolAidForHerKids

There is something sinister about this situation in Flint, Michigan. There is something evil about this–where money is better than having clean water. With Scott  Pruitt over the EPA, Flint may never get this money! It only takes less than $100 million to fix the corrosive, lead-laden pipes in Flint. Governor Synder is an evil, evil man. I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care! There is something so underhanded and so evil about this!

I can’t…everytime I hear about it, I get mad all over again. ALL OVER AGAIN. There is something to be said to be in a position of power and thinking you can do whatever you want to people! Then the water company wants to charge people for water they can’t halfway drink. Now the level of lead in the blood of these children in Flint, MI is such that now a state of emergency has been declared!

No. No ma’am.

It’s always easier to kill people than to help people. Not all death is fast either.




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