There Are Stunt Queens, And Then There Is ‘Ye

We’ve been talking about Kanye’s downward spiral for at least 5 years. At what point does a “spiral” become who a nigga is? -Kimberly N. Foster (@kimberlynfoster), 4/26/2018, Founder of FOR HARRIET

I am so over this dude. I pray for him. From his hair color, public coonery, and obliviousness of his spouse, as of April 25, 2018, I’m done with Dr. Donda West’s son, Kanye Omari West. I am done defending this madness he calls presence and talent. It has taken a toll on my soul and the ancestors are weary! When I saw what he was tweeting and posting, my mind took me make to the oracle tonenation of NOLA poet laureate, Sunni Patterson and her piece, We Know This Place. See that here.

A Facebook friend of mine said if we prayed for Kanye as much as we clown him, he’d be healed. I disagree. Kanye may be one of the ones who may be healed as they go. Jordan Peele was right, is right, and Get Out was a peek behind the social curtain. I don’t care who gets mad about it! We as a community of melaninated people do not have time to rescue cats that are content on being just what they are–and remaining in The Sunken Place.

For all his linguistic brilliance, and his creativity, he’s been duped. And he loves the attention being duped garners him! He on the whole Twitter snapping off about why the president and he both have Dragon Energy, that’s his brother, and wearing signed MAGA hats with a slave catcher’s arm around him throwing white power signs!

Aight, Ye.

“It’s a Willie Lynch agenda.”

-Clifford “T.I.” Harris

And those going sharecropping or running to freedom clothes he wants folk to work two jobs to buy? Nall.

Ye, Kanye, we are tired. The Collective Black Consciousness is tired. We are trying to live, not get murdered by the police, thrown out of Starbucks, beat up at the Waffle House, and vote. You are content to kick up shit and not solve shit. Your wife knows down to her Indian Remy sew-in, if your mama was living? This shit would not have happened.

Family, he is on my prayer list. He is. I don’t have the stamina to save black men that don’t desire change, reality and are content to engage and create fuckery! We have more pressing concerns than Ye believing he’s white and unconcerned with the plight of anyone else that isn’t rich.

The Caucasian delegation can have him and the Hoteps can worship him. I’m done.

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