There is a God somewhere because life looks like it just might be bearable. I am loving this resurgence of everything black, the outlets and platforms and camaraderie. I am loving all this melanin and its flexing! I am loving how the black women in my circle are growing and being and doing!

45 and stoppin this melanin!

Let’s get it!


#Defacing #Patriotism #WalkOfFame #WhoDidIt #GetThemADrink #HolyAct #Basta #ItsTime #Resist #DonTheCon #ItsASlowMovingCoup #WhatGives #GeorgeLopezAlreadyPeedOnIt

So, someone else has ‘defaced’ this star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I am not surprised or sorry. There is something sinister in this crazy administration and people are noticing and taking it out on anything with this (bleep)’s face on it. The fact this in the second time this star has been defaced twice with a pickax and the person whom defaced it the first time with a pickax bailed out the person whom did this the second time?!

I am not a proponent of vandalism, but I understand. There was someone I knew moons ago, that flipped this (bleep) the Bird and he’s a veteran! People whom are drunk with this MAGA madness, have to understand this man is ripping the world in half and picking people’s pockets along the way. And the fact you don’t notice this?


There’s nothing else that can be told to you in order to convince you otherwise. Which is sadder.

There is a HMS Titanic sinking level irony to all this. It really is. I would be lying to say that my dark heart is rejoicing in this. Bigly.


#StandYourGround #Florida #California #KillersInWhiteSkinSuits #WhereIsTheEnd #NiaWilson #FavorableArrest #WhatIsThis #Revolution #BlackWomenMatter #OurLivesMatter #SayHerName

Nia Wilson was murdered while waiting for a train in a major U.S. city in California. And he was taken alive, because he was white. When I tell you I am so tired of black women being murdered, accosted, disrespected and harassed?! I am glad with the tool of social media this animal was caught, but I won’t lie –I wouldn’t have minded if he never were able to stand trial. All Nia and her sister did was be black and wait on a train!

The family of this rabid (bleep) dog said he had a history of mental illness. When I hear this catch phrase, I want to fight the air like Trey from Boyz In The Hood. There was a quote I heard from @CrysSpeaks:  sleep don’t help when your soul is tired.

As of this posting, there was police shooting in Toledo, Ohio. I didn’t have the strength to look at a video or get angry–because my soul is tired. My soul is tired. I just want to be black in peace and that seems to become more and more impossible to do the more scared crazy, racist white people get! I’m tired of my color being a scapegoat. Like this week in Florida, this man murdered a black man in front of his son because a black man defended his girlfriend from a white man being belligerent. And the sheriff saying he shouldn’t have pushed him? I expected nothing less from Florida. Homeboy could have just taken that shove and when on with life too, couldn’t he?

But you know, it seems that when white men reach 18, there is a switch activated that says to them, “black men can only be dealt with using fatal force. They are equivalent of rabid wolves–you must put them down if confronted.” If you weren’t aware that Stand Your Ground is only a racist Free Murder card, you need to be aware now.


#YaleUniversity #ByeBecky #ShouldaThoughtAboutThis  #BiggerThanACommonArea #SeeSomethingBeCool #NoSympathy #DoBetter #YouBetterAsk #NoSheKnowHuh


Ha! Sarah Braasch, the dizzy brought that called the police on our sis Lolade at Yale? Oh, she having a tough time, sis! She is saying how people don’t understand how hard she was working, what it is she lost or is losing and she was just doing what she ‘thought was right.’ Sounds like those weaponized white woman tears–ain’t nobody fooled, Becky! Not at all.

No one is moved because your life is shambles and you have leave school! No one has tears for you (bleep)! Not at all! You need to be sorry, and just like children, you just migt need something taken from you to know how deep you stepped in it this time.

I have been a tired student during finals week. It was times I fell asleep in a library or college common room. You know what they did if someone saw me? Left me alone! More people need to practice that religion:  leave folk alone! She was resting in a common room, because she was tired…and pays tuition like she did.

This rash of police calls will only stop when the police start to ticket people for wasting their time. I don’t care, I don’t care. That is the only way that will stop. The fact she was just asleep, and trying to live her best life at Yale, and accosted by a white woman that couldn’t keep tabs on all the black girls on campus is incredible and disheartening.

Sarah needs to be put out and embarrassed. After all, that’s what she tried to do to Lolade.


That’s all this week, family. So much more is happening than I can give voice to, but trust that I’m aware. I am aware. Be blessed and please remember to agitate, agitate, agitate!










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