The Time To Listen: When Your Mother Is…Right?!

“If you don’t listen, you’ll feel.”

-The gospel according to Bessie Bush

I was in my late twenties when I realized my mother was an absolute genius.

I was a mother for about five years when I realized how daunting being a mother is and to realize I had the responsibility of two entire human beings? All I could think was how awesome my mother is.

I had to realize my mother was smarter than I ever gave her credit for. I had to admit that all the things told me pertaining to life and godliness were right.

This not to say my mother is perfect and we never had an issue–this means there is a level of maturity that I have reached where I can accept what I took to be nagging and information and wisdom.

From the vantage point of age and motherhood I can accept I wasn’t in a pace or maturity level to handle the truth told to me because I was set on being right and doing life as I wanted.

I can admit my mother was keen, wise and more intelligent than I thought. I didn’t give her credit because I didn’t know what I that credit was for! I can say my mother was wise, after I messed up and didn’t listen and had an unnecessary consequence.

It was when I came to a situation she had told me about, warned me of or that I didn’t happen to listen to the benefit of wisdom the first time, I had that pool is wisdom then to draw from–because she was willing for me not to die or mess up where she has or has seen others fall.

My mother is a genius. She was, and still is, willing to share her wisdom and knowledge with a daughter who can now receive it. For that I am grateful!

It’s amazing how intelligent she became after I admitted how stupid I was.

[image from Google and Pinterest]

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