#MeToo! Us Too! And Him! Just Not Her—She’s Black.

#METOO, Us too and her too! And her! And him! Not her though. SHE is black. Noone raped her. Noone hurt her. She’s just looking for a come up.

How many times have black women come forward about assault and been treated like garbage? Accused of lying to hide promiscuity, or for financial gain?

I am a black woman in my 30’s. I do not know a single woman, friend or family, that has not been assaulted. Groped, kissed, fondled, molested or raped. Most of is have experienced all of these things and all of us have experienced at least two. Noone thinks about that. Noone cares what happens to us because

Black teenage girls do not have any innocence in the court of public opinion. They aren’t delicate, they aren’t hormonal, they aren’t depressed or anxious, they aren’t exploring their sexuality as teens do. No. BLACK girls are naughty and violent (there goes their innocence). BLACK girls are loud and mean(there goes their delicate femininity). BLACK girls have attitudes for no reason(there goes their very real reactions to teenage hormones). BLACK girls are fast ass baby Mama’s and future welfare queens(there goes the innocence of exploring their sexuality).

These are just some of the ways society robs black girls and women of their womanhood and femininity. It’s a blatant dismissal of our essence. When you take these essential character points away from us, it allows you to excuse what has happened to us. When a black girl accuses a wealthy man of rape, she’s accused of being a gold digger, a lazy hoe looking for a come up. When we accuse our neighbors, uncles and family friends, we are told we wanted it. Now we are lodging complaints born from jealousy or a desire for attention.

Black women are desired. For so many reasons and for centuries, we have been being raped and abused while the world turns a blind eye because we aren’t petite blondes. The #metoo movement has been complicit in this crime against us. Noone is talking about the attempted attack on Lupita Nyongo. Noone is talking about the years of abuse Tisha Campbell suffered. Noone is discussing the hundreds of black women Bill Cosby assaulted. The magazines named EVERY ONE of his white accusers. Black women were the ‘many more’. The nameless, faceless crowd of broken defiled bodies society chooses to ignore because they don’t think we’re ‘nice enough’.

It’s ridiculously obtuse and disgusting. This little blog post isn’t going to change a thing but it’s going to let the world know we see you ignoring us. We see you making excuses for the abuse we suffer. We do not care. We will continue to fight back against these unfair false narratives and we will continue to fight for our respect and our bodies.

I encourage all women to report crimes against them. Do not be afraid. Don’t be worried about whether or not the police believe you. Don’t be worried about what they say about you online. I believe you. My sister believes you. My friends believe you. Rape and assault happens to #ustoo.

[images from Google and RAINN]

2 thoughts on “#MeToo! Us Too! And Him! Just Not Her—She’s Black.

  1. I loved reading this, it echoed so many of my own sentiments. I wish it was longer! I have come to enjoy the posts by this writer and I appreciate that there is a voice out there speaking for people like me.

    Liked by 1 person

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