We are yet alive and remain. We have not been taken over, we will fight.

“Never, never, never give up.” -Winston Churchill

Let’s get it!

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There was a woman at a Brooklyn bodega that said a 9-year-old child grabbed her ass. I don’t know which is worse. The lie she told on him, the language she used, or the fact this child’s backpack brushed her backside.

In yet another viral video, we see a white woman using the police as their social removal service. She claimed she was a police officer. She screamed with aviator sunglasses on, and my heart broke watching this little boy cry. CRY. As with most women of this ilk, the tears of black children are what they use to rim the glasses for margaritas. It’s abhorrent.

This same woman said she wasn’t mad at the little boy, but thought his mother was being aggressive. Aggressive?! She is lucky his mother didn’t end her life! I, being a mother, could understand all the barking his mother did. I was proud his mother didn’t dogwalk walk her to Malcolm X Blvd in Harlem. Bump that! The fact she would even say that, compiled with a half-hearted apology, did nothing to assuage this situation. A lie of a white woman is one of the reasons Mamie and Louis Till’s son hadn’t returned on two feet to Chicago–but laying under six feet of it.

To all my Firestarters that consider themselves allies–don’t let stuff like this ride! Don’t fall for the lie of immigrants are taking the nation. This nation doesn’t belong to anyone whom is not Native American. We are all immigrants or descended from immigrants. This fear of something being taken must be nightmarish to those whom got all they acquired through murder, oppression and usurpation.

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These tactics are tired. The are tiresome. I am sick of this being a thing. For more information about this topic, see my piece on Contemptor titled Jim Crow Tactics In A Tech-Savvy World:  This Is Not Normal. But Yet It Is.

However, what I will say is this. Voter suppression is real. It is alive. And these mother—–kers are frantic about trying to keep anyone from voting. They are doing all they can to move polling places, check ID’s and to not process voter registrations! Don’t be fooled by what you can scroll past. Polls normally open before people go to work, and close after work. If you can, vote. If you can’t make this election? I understand but don’t let the inability to vote be your reason to not vote. Meaning, do all you can to get to a polling place. Life is too hectic right now NOT to vote. It’s too hectic to NOT have something to say, some cause to champion.

Don’t let them rob you without the respect of at least putting a gun in your face to know exactly what they are doing. The African-American senior citizens knew getting pulled off that bus in Georgia was an intimidation tactic. They knew the faces of people that want to keep them boxed in and powerless. We aren’t. We will not be. Don’t be deceived. These folk want everything like it was before we as Black people were considered people. They want their impunity back. Not this time. Never again.

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Oprah Winfrey said earlier this year a quote by Gwendolyn Brooks (and I’m paraphrasing):

Until we (she points to herself) are able to tell our story. The true American story can never been told.

Toni Morrison is one of those reminders. Alice Walker and Nikki Giovanni remind us of that power. Of that need for Black women to be heard, to tell our stories regardless of what people think. I am proud of the notice The Hate U Give is getting! I am happy for its writer, Angie Thomas. As a writer, it inspires me to keep at these words; keep talking. Keep listening. Keep recording. Keep going.

This book is in my Kindle for review  as well. Look for that review in the new year. There will be lots of awesome things to come as well. The Hate U Give is an example of what happens when Black women can and do tell stories, and they are published. Also, it’s testament and encouragement for all the writers to follow  her.

This week we have seen some of the worse humanity has to offer. I have personally seen the best we as a people are capable of. Don’t let 46-1 beat you into apathy! The current evil doers want is to be so besotted with everything else that we stop looking at what they are doing and going to do. Don’t fall asleep now. Fight. And for the love of Heaven, register to vote. Click here.   

Check to make sure your ID matches, and address current. Make sure you have a ride to your polling place. Once in line and the polling hours end? You have the legal right to stay in line until you have voted. Don’t let them steal this, y’all. Don’t do it. This time, this win, will take all of us. EVERY LAST ONE OF US.

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