So the unpaid FBI agents did a early morning arrest of Roger Stone. In riot gear! It was glorious. The Joker still ain’t about to get this dumbass wall. And then government is going to reopen for 3 weeks. Watch the IRS is about to be inundated! I know I am! And it’s Muva Lewis’s birthday?!

Let’s get it!

#KaliefBrowder #NewYorkCity #Settlement #BrowderFamily #BloodMoney #RikersIsland #CloseRikers #NoJusticeNoPeace #WillNotBringHimBack

$3.3 million. I cannot even deal. The state of New York killed Kalief Browder. And after his suicide, the aftermath killed his mother. In the Netflix documentary TIME (produced by Jay-Z), we find out the complete tragedy his case was!

Not only was he falsely accused. Not only was he held in Rivers. Not only did judges keep him incarcerated. The worst thing was his father had his bail money! $900! He had it and wouldn’t give it to his mother! His father believed he stole this backpack.

Kalief Browder is dead over a backpack. And because his father refused to help him. I sincerely hope Mr. Browder doesn’t get his hands on any of this money. I’m glad his mother is passed, because him getting any cut of this money might have killed her.

#FAA #AirTrafficController #GovernmentShutDown #FlightDelays #TSAs #TheyPlayedTrapMusic #TSALines #ThePlayedTrapMusic #IddaPlayedMONEYbyCardiBAllDay #ThePlaylistPlaysNoGamesInAFourHourTSALine

So today?! TODAY! Flights into LaGuardia Airport had to be rerouted because there weren’t enough air traffic controllers! Like?! This is life when an orange Oscar the Grouch is president!

Do you know how crucial the FAA and air traffic controllers are?! This mother-ucker legit shut down the government and held hundreds of millions of people hostage because his Daddy didn’t love him enough! Crazy! So so crazy!

The fact it took 35, 36 days to get the government open? I can’t deal. Four hour lines, with people with no check, and not enough people to help guide the planes in?! Y’all the baddest in the world to fly right now.

I can’t do it.

I have never flown, and I’m more scared to do so now. As long as the POS POTUS has access to the nuclear option, I’m taking hella car road trips. Nope. Can’t fly till he’s outta office.

#ProfessionalPetty #StephCurryForPresident #SteveKerrForVP #GSW #Dubs #Warriors #PresidentialVisit #44 #RealPOTUS #DubsDoNotCountPast44

I have been advocating for Steph Curry for President forever! The fact the Dubs made their presidential visit to D.C.—and went to see President Obama!

This made my heart so glad! The level of utter shade?! I love it! And the fact there were pictures? I love it! I am here and present for it! I hope this starts a trend! I want this to be a trend! Literally pay The Joker dust! Attic window sill dust!

The White House is now an elephant dung heap! Why would anyone want to be around that? Jenifer Lewis says it this way:

“If you sit in shit too long, it stops smelling. So come the fuck outta there!”

Washington D.C. has stopped smelling.

Note: Don’t think no body noticed that the government is going to open just in time for the Super Bowl. Stay woke. Secure all bags. Take no shit.

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