Black Love Is A Superpower-Overview

There is nothing like loving someone and being loved in return.

The one thing that I especially love, with all the things I can (and am) jaded about, is the enduring nature of Black love. The couples that have been together better than twenty, twenty-five years!

I am in awe of these couples, maintaining and surviving among the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune the world can bring. It is that reverence that has sparked this mini-series which will be begin on February 2.

My own parents, before the death of my father in 1998, were together about twenty-three years. The one thing that resonates with me about their relationship was how he loved my mother. Even when they would fight or disagree, he still made her (and us) a priority. He loved my mom. And when my father began to have heart problems? While in the hospital, I watched her tend to him…even putting lotion on his feet.

That may not seem a lot to some, but in the current society? Where no one seems to value what being together means? It’s monumental.

This mini-series is to remind you that love exists. Love endures. And sometimes the sweetest love is from the men that look like your father. Or the women that look like your mother. Black love is a superpower. In the age of IG Blackfishing, Kardashians and the prison industrial complex, the fact this type of love exists, among US, seems it could only be classified as a superpower.

Love whom you love, that goes without saying. But for the next 5 Saturdays, I’ll be talking about the elements that make Black Love the mysterious force of nature that

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