#28DaysOfBlackness: The Swift & The Strong–Valuing The Voice Of Black Youth

During what the media called ‘The Ferguson Unrest’, one young man, Tef Poe, a local St. Louis rapper, said this:

“This ain’t cha Daddy’s Civil Rights Movement.”

Illest thing ever spoken.

This second wave of Black Liberation, will and does require the energy and tools of Black youth! Their age should not discount valid passions for change and justice. The former generation of activists must be honored, yes, but the up and coming activists need that same encouragement!

They may not have hoses or dogs turned on them, but the dangers are no less real. They may not have seen members of their families hung from trees, but they have seen people that look like them killed on camera and nothing be done about it.

They have seen whether they sag or not, they are seen as a threat. They have seen the conservative media push the comply or die narrative as well as eldership telling them “If you just do (blank), then the police won’t bother you!”

Black youth are constantly told what they need to do, shouldn’t be doing and what they need to do better. But, there are few supports telling them what they are doing right! It is right that they protest. It is right they stage walkouts! It is right they organize and make safe spaces for themselves. It is right they stand up for themselves and others. It is right they film the police.

Right now? It is right that they act up!

If I could encourage the youth, all these beautiful Black children, I would tell them to keep going. I would tell them to continue to be young, gifted and Black. I would remind them that the world is bigger than your house, hood or block. I would tell them that they stand on the shoulders of giants. Those same people that weren’t considered people, whom survived the horrendous believing the miraculous for their lineage in a new world.

As Black History Month ends, I want to remind them that their stories, their history, is yet to be written. Change is coming, slow moving at times, but coming. And sometimes when see change isn’t going as fast or far as it needs? That’s when you send out the warriors with younger knees and sharper eyes.

The youth are needed, and their time is right now.

[image from abc.go.com, teepublic.com]

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