‘Trigger Warnings’ And The Wisdom Of Killer Mike


I can’t even name 3 Killer Mike songs. I won’t lie to you, and he’s won a Grammy. Like, that makes me feel closer to my almost 40 years. With that in mind, you know in order for me to even mention this man, he has to be dope on some level.

The thing I like, and continue to respect about Killer Mike is his free thinking and his ability to advocate for financial and economic empowerment of people that look like him.

Revolutions cannot be sustained without and economic backing or consequences. Look at the Montgomery Bus Boycott. One of the reasons I ride with Killer Mike is because of this passion.

Like it or not, money is the tool and coin of this realm. And in order for change to happen, and those changes to be attainable and lasting, you need economic access. Whether this access stem from employment or job training or even access to financial institutions.

I watched his documentary, Trigger Warning, on Netflix. I actually liked it! I thought it was thought-provoking. I liked that he challenged what we knew about how we as people of color move through the world. But the one thing that I have always liked about him is how unflappable he has been about empowering of Black people.

The latest thing is banking. He has gotten behind One United Bank —-a functional, reputable Black owned bank. I must emphasize that no revolution is complete or lasting without economic influence or access! It goes beyond having access to money. Economic empowerment allows for home ownership, access to higher education and other professional opportunities. Which allows the persons with access to these things to generate and pass down wealth.

There would not be so much starting over as we all have witnessed in our own families. I know I have.

Having someone that looks like me, advocating that I know my credit score; giving information as to where to start my banking journey; advocacy of support of Black-owned businesses. While being a Black-business owner himself?! That is revolutionary.

We often say ‘put your money where your mouth is’. Well, the food hit different when you grow the food. Especially, when the farmers look like you. The revolution is being televised and the power bill still needs to be paid.

So, let us pull together and keep power.

Simple as that.

[images from me.me and Facebook.com]

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