Community + Expectations= Representations

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So, lemme tell you. I am loving, absolutely loving the space all these artists are in and making. I am loving the spaces held and the bags secured. The one thing that I can say among this time of creation and representation is continue.

From Ryan Coogler, to Lena Waite, to the entire creative driving force that is POSE on FX, the best thing a community can do and will ever do is be a representation of the people they represent. Your community is a representation of who you are. They are an extension. The best way to see that representation sometimes is through media.

The diversity of humanity demands visibility. It demands respect and love. It demands to be seen and heard–loudly. Community offers the visibility. That love. That respect. Community should be an extension of that love and support.

The beautiful thing about community is that everyone is able to get and see the sun. Community, real community, should invoke or provoke imagination. They should push towards activism and accountability. In this fashion, representation isn’t a fad. It’s not trend. It becomes necessary!

Representation is mandatory. Representation is the skeleton key to healthy, vibrant, affirming communities. When this is not present–homogeneity erodes any creativity, any presence, any sense of self.

You want to know what my favorite meals are? They are hodge-podges. They involve big pots, spices, heat and all kinda ingredients. And it is made and sustained with love! As my famous self, Jenifer ‘Muthafuckin’ Lewis says, “I lead with love.” That what community does. It lets all parts be seen and noticed. It let’s flavors be enhanced when meshed all together–or stand on their own. And when what you serve is good? You can taste everything.


From paella, to chili, to red beans and rice–hell, even a good damn sammich!– community should be something that allows shine, flavor and visibility. That’s what makes everything so amazing about it! And it;s even better when you share it, and give space to share it.

Open tables with more seats make the best meals.

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