Teach The Princes How To Be Kings

This will be a T-shirt campaign later this year. Watch this space!

I told this phrase to a guy friend of mine who was dealing with situation with his ex-wife. He has children with her. Like most bitter women whom can’t have the man that they want can’t have, she won’t let him see his kids (In transparency, I know alot of men that got caught up in these type of situations–and it makes me mad every single time).

Reflecting on those experiences, I came up to with this titled phrase. I have always had more male friends and female friends (even now). I told him this phrase as an encouragement. I told this to my adopted brother about the raising of his stepson. I tell this to the male friends in social media sphere.

Teach the princes how to be kings.

It’s a reminder of the power and influence you have a man, as a father to the young men that see you out in the world. It is a charge to not only your position as father/mentor/father figure, to not neglect or put off your obligations. No matter what is going on! Kings are resourceful, wise and determined. These are all attributes needed to lead, strategize and conquer. The world is too dark to leave no light, map or trail.

Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes says, “It’s hard to be a man.” I’m not one and have no desire to be one. So, I can only imagine what it is like to have expectations set for your so high that you may not achieve them. Or worse yet, have no idea how because no one showed you how.

Do better, dear ones. I know parenting, mentoring is hard work. It is, at times, thankless, maddening and drives you to a humility you didn’t think was possible. But it also gives strengths you didn’t know you could possess or mine out the rock that can be the soul.

But it is not impossible. It is not beyond your power to do. The world is too big not to try to be a better man for the younger men whom have watched you become one (or not) in front of their eyes. Children are often many things. Blind is not often one.

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