The Brits have shown me the power of language and true trolling! From the floats to the balloons, to the security detail in the form of a phallus, I am here for it! From the death of Leah Chase, Mrs. Carter’s side eye to the female owner of the Dubs, this has been a week!

Let’s get it!

#NewOrleans #Culture #LeahChase #MissLeah #Legacy #Oracle #FoodIsLove #LoveUs #MissLeahLovedUs #WisdomInThesePots

Since I was about 13, I wanted to go to New Orleans. I couldn’t explain it. I wanted to go. It was almost like a forbidden love affair with this city. From the architecture, the food and the culture. Dear Lord, the culture. I even got married there–but that’s another story.

But it was the marvelous Ms. Leah Chase that I wanted to meet. There was this warmth to here that was ancestral. It was this feeling that I could be safe where she was. I would be understood. And above all else, I would be fed.

Some of the best wisdom or advice I have ever gotten as a woman was while I was cooking with the women in my family. And even my Dad. I learned three things that have stuck with me: patience, trust my instincts, and don’t be afraid to try new things. The most intangible things I learned? Family history. I learned my paternal grandmother’s recipes without her even being in the room. There is a power in being with someone older and cooking and learning. It’s a right of passage to make a dish that you could only watch. Cooking and being supervised by the one that taught you is humbling. When that guiding hand is removed, it is all the more imperative to get everything right. Rest easy, Ms. Leah.

#LevarBurton #Legacy #Hometowns #Spaces #SoBlack #BiggerThan ReadingRainbow #AllGiftsAndTalents #MakingRoom #AllBlackEverything

The dopest thing that I heard today was that a park in Sacramento will be renamed in honor of Levar Burton! How dope is that?! As a little girl that grew up watching Reading Rainbow, and fascinated by the world that it exposed me to, this is incredible! This brought me so much joy today! Amidst the craziness that is happening all around the world, I am rejoicing, choosing to rejoice that one of my childhood heroes is getting this level of recognition? It makes my day a little brighter. I won’t lie.

#ICEIsEvil #ThisIsNotADebate #Don’tAskMeAnymore #EvilAtTheBorder #WhoAllIsInOnIt #SoMuchRage #SoLittleSpace

These are modern day effing concentration camps. You cannot rationalize this or make it make sense to me. From separating children, to feeding them old food and making them sleep on the floor to molestation and rape?! Please don’t ever tell me again that 45/Orange Thanos is God’s annointed! Please don’t look me in my face and say that bullshit to me. This makes me so glad that I know God for myself, otherwise I would never want Him

The debate is over as to whether or not this is right (it isn’t.). The debate is over as to whether or not these bastards were snatching/selling/raping children and young adults (they are!). The debate is over that a large portion of the God-believing republic thinks this shit is okay (who are these people?!).

What these cats are going to stop doing it trying to make the kid believe that her eyes are lying to her! Nall. And I don’t care who gets mad about it! What these people just did, are covering up, and are okay with other folk doing is wrong! It is no better than what the SS or the Nazi’s did!

My thing is, when are people going to stop covering up for this man? When are these ‘Christian values’ going to kick in? Or are all these Christianish people going to keep washing the blood off the money as long as they don’t start locking up and warehousing other little (read: White) children?

Let us not forget that it is the earth/birthday of His Royal Badness–Prince Rodgers Nelson! And my all-time favorite Prince song? Off the Musicology album-CALL MY NAME. Yass.

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